BetterBack wants to change how you sit and eliminate your back pain once and for all

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I bought something like this 15 years ago at a WHOLE LIFE EXPO here in SF. I used it for a couple hours and found it strained my knees. Turns out another Rolfer saw this in his practice also.

These things sheer the tibia and strain the posterior cruciate ligament almost as badly as the Blaans chair. Stay away from them and learn to sit on your sitz bones and feet by just tilting your chair forward a bit.


I guess Justin Timberlake’s licensing fees are too much and now guess what song I will be humming all day.

I also have one of these I picked up 15 years ago for $50.

I’ve used it while camping. Let’s you have back support on bench seats. However does take a min to rigg it up, and to adjust the straps till your comfortable. I could never figure how to get out of it without messing up the straps. So it’s not like you can stand up put it back on.

I didn’t have any pain or strain sitting with this.

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Sitting is bad and you should avoid doing it for too long.

I also bought something similar, probably about 15 years ago, and probably at some kind of expo too.

I didn’t use it for regular chair sitting, but for cross-legged meditation sitting. It worked really well for that.

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Looks like there was a run on these back in 2005. Maybe these are the overstock that’s been sitting in a warehouse since then?


This makes my ergonomist heart hurt. So much strain on the knees and hips really need to be at an open angle, like they’re not already tight enough for all the desk workers out there.
Yet another wonky, complicated gadget sold for your ‘health’

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I thought the trick was to move more, not strap yourself into some contraption :thinking:

Personally I have a kneeling chair which is great for my back but not my knees. But the real trick is going to the gym and doing core and back strength exercise.


Waaaaaay back when I used to get to go to the local coffee house, there was a massage school next door. One of the students said they would have another student apply a strip of scotch tape down their spine. Structurally, it did nothing, but there would be a telling pull against the tape if they slouched.

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I’ve never had a gym membership, but what helped my back was learning to ride my bicycle no-handed, and riding no-handed as much as possible. All the constant small corrections needed to stay upright helps to keep those muscles in shape! I didn’t do it in the first place because of my back, but I was amazed and pleased to discover that benefit :slight_smile:

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