There's a wrong way to lounge


My grandparents had one of these, and it vibrated. It was loud, but it sure felt good.

My parents had one of these when we were kids. I have no idea if they helped your back, but I liked to sit on the footrest while my brother operated the switch to make it go up and down. Not sure if that’s what the manufacturer had in mind…


I’m not sure at what point it’s going to happen but soon and for the rest of our lives, this will turn into an advice thread on how to alleviate back pain.

…and that time is now; Has anyone ever successfully used the Hot and Cold method for trapped nerves in the back?

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Personally, that design would appeal to me mostly because it resembles a rocket G couch.

Though given my ability to fall asleep sitting up, I suspect that it would be a very bad choice for me.

(“Stay alert. You know what happens if the lerts don’t stay.”)

I have a long back. I find the biggest factor for whether a chair is going to cause my back to ache or not is if I can move my butt forward and sit at an angle. Those people who try to tell you to sit up straight? They’re wrong. And stupid. And smell funny. This is what you want.

I remember a Contour Chair store in the Houston Galleria some 40 years ago. I always thought they were cool. SF Nerdgasm - these chairs were used in the old Rocky Jones tv serials…

There is also a right way to lounge.

Actually, what I’m finding comfortable now for lounging is a futon “misconfigured” so the seat is long and sloped downward toward the back, which is the shorter arm (just up to my shoulders) and at right angles thereunto so it tilts back a bit. Encourages my crawling into the thing and sitting crosslegged, rather than having my legs outside the cushions at all… while keeping enough of the weight on my back and haunches that my legs don’t go to sleep.

Main hazard is that I have to be careful climbing out of it – too much weight too far forward and it’ll tip. That’d be solvable, of course. And that probably means it’s suboptimal for guests.

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