Scorpion gaming chair stings you in the face with the monitor

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Arachnophobes would be horrified by this nightmare fuel. :fearful:
This might be the only thing guaranteed to keep me away from a computer! Gotta put the word out before some well-meaning astrology fan in my family sees it and thinks it would make an awesome gift!


So… in BoingBoing Shop any day now?


The only thing that could make me buy this is if they made it walk. Then it would be worth looking like a tech douche.


Awful design, but it still might be beneficial for people’s back, because they can change position once in a while. At $3300 it’s cheaper to get up once in a while and get some exercise, though.




It’s kind of a combined desk and chair, isn’t it? It certainly has more than the footprint of both.

I… sort of like it. Way too expensive for me, and I’d be concerned those legs scratch the floor up like crazy as it shifts and morphs, but it looks comfy as heck despite its overall appearance, and uber adjustable.


if i were going to spend $3300 on a chair i’d go for something more traditionally contemporary like an eames chair and ottoman.


Reminds me of Natira from Farscape…


Counterintuitive, but sometimes if it’s too comfortable, people will stick to one position and not move at all, which is bad for back/neck/shoulder. Having it be a little harder than normal to get up from a chair would likely encourage people to be more sedentary. The ideal would be to spring board off Okkent’s idea above,

The only thing that could make me buy this is if they made it walk. Then it would be worth looking like a tech douche.

but have the legs walking powered by the occupant using their arms and legs pushing pedals and “rowing” with the arms.

It seems unusable if you have carpeted floors. Check the motion of those front legs.

I feel like this is one step removed from the Wall-E hover chairs.


Drawing inspiration from nature is pretty common in design, but there is a point where inspiration can become mimicry. This design has definitely passed that point and is now trying to be a giant scorpion and not so much a chair.

Also, from a semantic perspective, most people won’t naturally be inclined to sit on a black spiky thing or a scorpion.

However, If the product is designed to appeal to a narrower market of techno/cyber/gamer sorts then I think it works quite well. I bet they sell a lot of these to Russian hackers.

And I can totally conceptualise a Gibsonian pop-up cybercafe/nightclub in a disused industrial unit with these things perambulating about, piloted by Cybergoth Lolitas.

I quite like it.

If I had an underground lair, I’d totally buy one.

Um… Also, damnation alley.

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i tend to agree. Give me a dentist chair, with this monitor thing, no spider legs - cut those off, and insert two motherboard trays and you got yourself a place to nap while in zoom meetings.


As always, it’s important for the manliest gamers to know that the highest FPS are achieved by wearing skirt and heels.


I was curious about this myself, though it looks like only one set of those legs is in contact with the ground and actually has wheels of some sort built in. So it may work better than expected on carpet.

My son totally wants one of these (and today is his birthday if anyone if feeling generous)…

… But there are other “pod” chairs like this (but not nearly as bad ass as this one) that go for much more $$… That’s part of how he justifies wanting this one – it’s a bargain!

And “discounted” to…$3,300!!! Ninety percent off an imaginary original price of $33,000!!!

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I actually think this is awesome. I’m not going to buy one of these because it wouldn’t fit in the rest of my life… but I think it’s weird, fun, and interesting.