Take your gaming to the next level with these chairs and desks

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Forget the furniture; I just want to know how to get wireless power to my PC like the hipsters pictured!


Grow your beard a little longer and we’ll tell you.


I’m holding out for a vr floatation chamber. also I’ve already taken my gaming up a level by moving out of my mom’s basement.


MSRP: $389 | Sale Price: $549 (28% off)

So it costs $157 more than the manufacturer’s retail price, and that’s on sale.


Is that chap playing Civ with a joystick?

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Wondered the same…

I note how gaming desks need to have red legs and black tops and realise this is why I never got into video games.

“As any true gamer will tell you…” real gamers roll dice.

Video gamers are still decent folk though, and comfortable chairs are loved by us all. :slight_smile:

Red isn’t necessary but you may be censured if your desk doesn’t contain some black. (Mine’s wholly black, but it’s also an Ikea office desk).

All you need to do to be a real gamer is argue about what real gamers do.

But what kind of desk do munchkins use?

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Real gamers set up their desk in the middle of the room facing a corner for higher frame rates and better angles of the action!?! So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time.

If you’re spending hours gaming, for the love of baby peanut, DO NOT BUY A DESK WITH SHARP EDGES!

I had multiple instances of repetitive injuries at work, due to an old desk until I got a good padded keyboard holder.

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