See this over-the-top $30,000 PC gaming setup


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doesn’t even have 8k monitor support, what a n00b!


Do make sure to get up from time to time.


All of this to rage quit the guild when your T3 shoulders still haven’t dropped drop after beating that boss for the 500th time.


Where is the vac-tube and catheter hookup? Amateurs.
Also needs a IV drip and perhaps a ManChow slurry feed tube?
Beer fridge with keg and drip feed tube?

Don’t worry about deep vein thrombosis: it has massage


Needs a hot bubbling foot bath.


I will check it out at home on my 4k rig, but just looking at the website, I know I want it. I suspect the wife will not share my enthusiasm.


You could get this. OR, you could get two new top-end iMac Pros. The choice is yours, I guess?


Headphones aren’t known for their surround sound, it needs a 5.1 speaker system at minimum.


Really like the setup, awesome gear. Can’t stand the noob trying to show it off…


But does the snack cart have RGB lighting?


Wow. Absolutely essential for your London basement.



All the lights and stuff are so unnecessary. Just give me a rig that reduces download screens to a few seconds and eliminates lag, and I’m a happy camper.


Um… Thanks for making me sit restlessly in my chair for the rest of the workday :stuck_out_tongue:


When Fortnite started up I laughed audibly. The game runs on basically anything.


Even my first computer?

I’m looking for the day when we have computers that make the $30k one look like the Timex Sinclair.


I assume it’s mining bitcoins while the owner plays Candy Crush on their phone?


And a masturbation machine ala THX 1138. Gotta have that.


Meh, really not liking that the monitor support comes from the back, over the person and down to the front. Would rather have it come out from the bottom up to the front and be able to adjust the height and distance from the user. But hey, whatever looks the stupidest right?