See this over-the-top $30,000 PC gaming setup


Hmmm… but is it over-the-top enough?


“Go away, ‘batin’”


Aside from 43 inches being a bit big(‘pixels you could cut yourself on’ but not ‘pixels that will give you the urge to cut yourself on them’); the specs are…a trifle meh NTSC 72%? Strictly sRGB. Contrast ratio “Mega”? That’s not even a vendor lie. Speaker type “Rich Bass”? Um. Yes. Moving on.

Not saying that I’d turn one down or anything; but “over-the-top-gaming” without even checkbox support for an expanded color space; HDR; freesync and/or gsync? No, not really.


A $3000 chair? It took me years to convince myself to drop £300 on a second-hand aeron…



Does it have Apple?


Can you disassemble the keyboard and mouse in order to remove all those snack cart crumbs?



literally what I came here to post


Other useful innovations from the operating room include the catheter and IV lines, so that you needn’t get up from your gaming session.


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