This chair is weaponized ugly


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You under estimate some people’s love for kitschy/tacky decorations.


No raccoon roadkill throwpillows?


They’re pandering to the Maryland demographic.


Though a hideous chair, I actually really love it as sculpture. Crustacean forms are just so architecturally satisfying. Also It probably wouldn’t take much modding to convert this into a medieval/fantasy or Metroid chair…

ETA: having visited their website (tagline: Be Unique!) I can report that this is one of their less hideous pieces.


Don’t be shy. Share.


The homepage does the heavy lifting…

but even in its category, it’s still doing well…(NEW Furniture)


But did you see this gem!?


Right next to the skeleton struggling to hold up the end-table? How could I miss it!


Dear God. Why


Great for the entire family!



I’m sure Tarantino has a few of these at his home


Weaponized Ugly

There’s a turn of phrase I’m adding to my vernacular.

And yes, apt in this case.


That is going straight into my public wishlist. Right next to the mini-tank, and a $6,000 chopper-style mini-bike, worth about $400.

Sometimes, dreams do come true…

There’s no place like home
There’s no place like home
There’s no place like home…


…and a couple in the freezer.


Ay Dios mio


I have an aunt who did her Marine Biology masters thesis on the Ocular Structure of the Oregon Blue Crab. Can I get one in blue?


Oh, you need to click the heels of your red shoes together?

yeah, there’s a Design Tuscano for that…


I like it.


Nah, Tarantino’s into bare feet.