This pop art chair is a bunch of coat hangers on a frame

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For that price - it needs to have a tactical titanium frame and be connected to the web.


… I can get coat hangers that haven’t been sat on, and a chair that functions as a chair without the hangers.

I can do without having the internet know exactly how fat I am, TYVM


Probably hardly pinches a sitter in shorts!


hang about guys


Kind of an unfriendly prospect for anyone with hips wider than those of the average man. A standard plastic coathanger has an inside dimension of around 16.5" and assuming a 1" tubular frame, that leaves a flexible seating area of just 14.5", bounded on either side by an unyielding structure. It’s… snug.


I was always fascinated with design, and with my science background I was kind of mystified as to how you learn to (as I then thought of it) “be creative”. So one day I was like “I know I’ll quit my job and go do 80-hour weeks at architecture school and never have money again”. (It was a good decision, I think).

Anyway it turns out that the answer to “how to be creative” is “come up with literally any random idea”. But the real question is “how to create something worth creating”, and the answer to that is that you take your little idea and subject it to a torrent of merciless questioning, from every angle you can think of, and if you still don’t hate your idea, then maybe you have the seed of something that, after a couple more rounds of the same process, will be a good design.

The skill of design is not in creating ideas, but in tearing them apart. Obviously the appeal of Kickstarter is that it removes a lot of the obstacles to realising a product, but I think the danger for designers is in thinking of fundamental critique as one of those obstacles, rather than something you should actively seek out.

Having said that, I think this chair is perfect and I will order 6.


So if I walk over and toss my jacket over the back of this chair, is that irony?
Or does it somehow ruin the universe, like mixing matter and antimatter?


Yeah I figure I can repro it for about $25 worth of tubing and a bunch of hangers.

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IseeWhatYouDidThere – but maybe you didn’t mean the association with the task preceding hanging up shirts.

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I agree with absolutely everything you said wholeheartedly apart from the bit about liking the chair.


Between you and me, that last part was not entirely on the level. I do in fact have one or two critiques of my own, ranging from the technical (those sharp-cornered chrome flange thingies digging into my fat thighs when you could just add extra bends to the frame to stop the hangers sliding off at the front) to the pragmatic (what happens when you pull your jacket off the back of the chair and it snags a stack of hangers) to the subjective (it reminds me of this type of lawn chair which, tellingly, no one has manufactured for decades):



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