The Planet, a Buckminster Fuller-esque personal pod chair


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Cool dog bed.


Looks interesting. And tacky.


I’d bet my daughter would love this.


Cool idea, but 3k+ is too much for any chair that doesn’t have (synthetic) tortoise shell backing.


Could Will Smith complete a questionnaire in it?


I’d love to have one of these that actually closed and encapsulated me. That said, $3500??? I’d grab one if it were a grand! Why does everything cool have to be out of reach!!!


For three thousand and change I expect a chair that is ultra comfy to lounge in. Try leaning back in that chair, go ahead but put a chiropractor on speed dial.

And when you figure out how to let your arms rest comfortably when doing so, let me know.

Oh but they do graciously throw in a storage pocket. I think I’d rather have lighting, not going to be able to read easily in there.

Basically it looks like a silly way to burn off excess money you have lying around when you are part of the “Everything I own must impress other really wealthy people even if it is as practical as a concrete life jacket” class.


Looks like an interesting DIY project.


… with back/arm support, entrance/egress aides, stashbox and speaker cut-outs at nominal cost.
Maybe wheels, suspension, thrusters, flotation devices down the road?


Oh, we’re doing another remake of The Prisoner are we?


If Number 2 likes it, I’m on board.


I’m curious what shape this would be if the triangulated “sphere” was completed. It looks like every equilateral triangular face is identical, and every vertex is the meeting point of six triangles. But there is no such shape. The 20-faced icosahedron has equilateral triangular faces meeting at identical vertices of 5 such faces. Maybe some vertices of this shape involve 5 triangles meeting, and others 6? Maybe it’s this guy: ? Or maybe it’s a shape that couldn’t be completed, and only works here because of the shape left for the opening so the pesky human can get inside.
EDIT - after posting I looked again and there are vertices where five, not six, triangles meet.


which shall be christened accordingly:


I found this true development in a text book…
you can print cut out on card or go further…


It’s really not that complicated.

Building a BIG one using components of the MERO system would be wicked cool, though.


I’ve been watching a couple of episodes again recently.
My new pet theory on The Prisoner is now that at some point “they” gave up on ever learning why Number Six resigned - but kept him to test prospective candidates for higher ranks. You know, a bit like the perisher course the RN has for submarine captains.


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