DIY plywood chair with book storage

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Every cut [in this video] made without eye protection? Good grief.


Then you probably shouldn’t watch the videos where she works with an angle grinder.


She’s also done one or two projects with Adam Savage over at Tested. She’s a really great maker :slight_smile:

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She employed the safety squints.



Ah, you repurposed my toilet chair.

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Brought to you by your friends at Festool.

Seriously, though, their power tools are fantastic. Pricey but fantastic. She uses them enough to justify the cost.

PPE is for weaklings! Who needs pesky that eyesight, lungs, fingers and the the like?

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Neat design, but that does make the chair really heavy.

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…and the proportions are way off. Backrest too low, armrests too low.

The concept is good, but it looks like a really uncomfortable chair.


Hum… I watched the video and I’m afraid you are right, and the seat looks a bit too high.
But that’s easy to fix.

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It’d also be a good idea to angle the seat part down towards the back a bit. Perfectly horizontal is not ideal.


For a reading chair, I agree.

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It looks like a great chair to put somewhere you don’t want people sitting for long. It’ll fit right in with the adversarial design present in so many public places now.

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The chair definitely needs some tweaking to make it more comfortable but hey the design is simple and open source so really anyone can modify it to make it better. I can think of a couple of additional tweaks i would do :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can’t afford Festool gear. Does anyone know if that’s a complete kit or improvised pilot hole bit @ 3:57? A carpenter told me he just makes his own depth gauges out of wood blocks but that one she’s got looks like a nice rubber grommet.

Yeah, this looks very doable with pretty basic tools.

I now want it for a chair with cat nook. or perhaps an aquarium. or a chair with a thin cushion that looks like a chair with a thick cushion that you actually hide your valuables in.


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