Striking ombré glass chair

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Reminds me of that scene of David Lynch’ Lost Highway, when that man bumps his head into the corner of the table. (Google Image ‘lost highway head table’ for yourself. I don’t want to spoil your appetites with a preview here.)

You know, I was just thinking that what my house needs is a beautiful chair which my dog will absolutely refuse to sit in. This’ll be ideal!


Heavy, fragile, uncomfortable, expensive. Largely unsuited to the use for which it is supposedly designed.

It’s like the platonic ideal of designer daftness.


No mention of people in glass houses? :hushed:

Reflect on your world after you have removed the cushions of your emotional being. What makes us comfortable, what does it take to reach our goals, is happiness an illusion?

$9,000, plus shipping and destination charges


True I’m sure, but at least the colors are pretty.

I imagine the original was much more comfortable and useful, because arm rests.


Just needs a couple of these:


Thanks! (And I imagine them to look really stylish on my artsy new chair too!)

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This amazing piece of art has inspired me to compose a short verse:

Shards of glass,
in my ass -
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!


Sure, they also come in black!

Imagine how much happier Jerry Seinfeld would be if his couch was glass when Poppie came over…

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People who sit in glass chairs shouldn’t haul stones? Nope.
People who fart in chairs shouldn’t sit on glass? Nope.

I’m stumped.

Anyone know how the color works in this context? Is it a relatively prosaic surface treatment? Some sort of not-exactly-paint-here exotic coating; or material science witchcraft actually diffused throughout the entire volume of the glass?

Not certain about the ‘uncomfortable’ part. I’ve run across chairs that looked hideously uncomfortable but were (very surprisingly) not at all so.

Just wait till you see the naugahyde window panes.

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Two thoughts: Firstly of the kink potential this provides. Second, the fact that I’m way to fat to trust a glass chair.

Naked people shouldn’t sit in glass chairs?

The trick, of course, is to pimp up those utilitarian corner bumpers with some swish handlebar tassels off a girl’s bike. Sorted.


If I were rich I would buy one of these chairs …

… just so I could put a clear vinyl upholstery cover on it.

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