Tea Up Chair


It needs an appropriate footstool, though. (Scone of Stone, anyone?)

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Not very good for test taking though…


I’m a little surprised it’s only $1,500. Usually when BB posts this kind of stuff, it’s at least six-large.

I just keep hoping that IKEA will come out with one of these http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80100251/ in adult size

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Looks dreadfully uncomfortable for anyone over 5’ tall. Sitting hunched forward with my chin forced down by the back of the chair looks miserable to me. The price of fashion I suppose.

Yes, I share your dream. Every time I’m at IKEA I say ‘I want one of these in my size!’

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its a shame they didnt make the lining white and the cushion a dark coffee color - seems like the analogy would work really well… maybe even leave a ring of ‘sediment’ around the back?


I was thinking the same thing.

Drop 'em a note. That’d be a pretty trivial manufacturing change; they might add it to the product line. Might want a couple of different colors, for those of us who like milk in our hot beverages,

(Then there’d be the version with a bit of the “contents” spilling over the edge into a rug-puddle on the floor…)

Part of the test within a test. Chairs with no flat surface and a perfictly servicable desk across the room. What do you do?

Depends on which directions the surfaces slope/curve, and how far…

Plus a big ‘sugar cube’ as a footrest and a big teaspoon.

Big teaspoon may be available. For years I was getting a catalog from Think Big!, a company that specialized in this sort of thing. Much of their product originated as advertising displays retargeted to home decoration use, but some of it was items like this which were just pure whimsy. Unfortunately the items I most liked were also among the most expensive, and unless I was going to dedicate a room to the concept…

Reportedly, Think Big! has been resurrected as the online store Great Big Stuff.

Looks dreadfully uncomfortable for anyone period. Where’s the light for reading? And just where you gonna put that cuppa down at? Kinda cute though, if useless.

Yeah - I thought the same. If I was a little kid…then.
Neat idea, just needs some hacking.

That sounds very, very familiar…

Anyway, thanks for the info!
Great Big Stuff also has an european website ‘based in and serviced from Belgium’ for orders ‘to be shipped to Europe or the United Kingdom’.
So I should be able to get some nice stuff without horrendous shipping costs.

I’ve heard this from enough people that I KNOW there has to be a market for this. ALMOST as irritating as having to drill the missing holes in Billy bookcases if you want to efficiently shelve paperbacks.

Yeah, you’ve got to modify most of the IKEA stuff to get what you really want. I’ve made a template for jig boring for the last Billies, that worked out fine. For paperbacks I used three Benno CD-shelves as ‘pylons’ that hold shelves between them (there was enough space for Bennos, but not for Billies).

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