Origami lounge-chairs that flat-pack to the size of a briefcase

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Wow. It’s bad enough that Dolores Park is trashed every weekend by revelers, but now this company is glamorizing such behavior by having their oh-so-fashionable guy toss his peach-pit or whatever carelessly over his shoulder, in Dolores Park.

Also, don’t lawn chairs fold down to “the size of a briefcase” and weigh about a third of this, without needing a friend to help force the tabs into the slots?

Solution in search of a problem…


It’s not cheap either. It certainly would’nt be something I’d take along on a hike.

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Also, that’s a pretty damned big brief case. More the area of a suitcase. Note as well that they don’t actually show the entire assembly/disassembly process there. We’re not shown how long it takes, and what they do show looks a lot more awkward than simply unfolding a more classic lawn chair.


Exactly this. This chair, for instance, looks just as comfortable and folds up way smaller:




Ingenious, but what need does it fill, what problem does it solve that is not already done lighter, cheaper, more conveniently?

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Have a look at the Sydney Opera House. Who imagined an opera to look like that? Why did they not just copy the opera houses of Paris or Milan? It even was ten years late and 1357% above budget. For sure the citizens of Sydney are really pissed about the building.

I’m having trouble finding the equivalence between:

  • An architectural tour-de-force that is a defining element of the skyline of a major world city.

  • A $130 plastic folding chair



I find this would have been a more accurate video:

Man sits on chair.
Trolley car pulls up.
Man stands.
Trolley pulls away.
Man still there trying to fold his chair back up into a square.

Alternately: Man inconveniences everyone on trolley as he tries to fold his chair back up.

Like others have said, this thing makes an awfully big square and looks far more complicated than most lawn chairs. Why would anyone use it for the purposes shown?

A bad flat-chair haiku…
I sat on this chair
Now it’s just flat chair rubble
I’m flat on the floor

I really liked the music in the video, though.

Sorry, that’s not origami. Not even close…

The whole video almost seems like a parody, especially with a company name Y Living (as in Y is this a thing?)

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