"Between Two Ferns" returns with Jerry Seinfeld & Cardi B

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I thought Seinfeld had been preserved in formaldehyde? He cleans up pretty good!

It’s funny because it’s true.

Funniest thing about that sketch was Jerry’s shoes.


“That was the opposite of Kesha”


For the uninitiated: Jerry caught a lot of shit for refusing to hug Kesha a while back (meanwhile if the gender roles were flipped we’d be super skeeved and peeved that an entitled man thinks he can touch whoever he wants)


The only thing that makes it drag is that Seinfeld is just not a good actor. He cannot simulate being annoyed unless he’s actually annoyed (like he was with Kesha). We all can easily tell he’s “in” on the conceit that Galifianakis is being meta and doing an Andy Kaufman riff.

But Galifianakis’ breaking of format and doing a Seinfeld-esque closing “monologue” was truly inspired.

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His interviews of Obama and Hillary were inspired. No idea why they agreed to do them.

I profoundly pray and hope that he will somehow get DJT to do an interview. Dear God let it become real. Ali G would also make for a great DJT interview.

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It wouldn’t even have to be fake awkward. The interview would be totally real.

Jerry (((J)))

guy, are you seriously using the (((echo))) meme here?

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