Beyond the big five, humans have dozens of senses


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Humans have at least one sense animals do not have, a sense of style.

Well, some humans have it anyway.


Everybody has a sense of style, it’s just not in a unified orientation


Bowerbird disagrees.


Even bower birds can have a pretty shitty sense of style though


O that sense of entitlement.


That, my friend, depends entirely on who you ask.


(The joke was that its collection was primarily literal shit.)




No, stool.


Experience “true” level.

"Lambs to the Cosmic slaughter!"


I was told the seventh sense was ‘LSI’:


Cat laughs at you.


This is why I need a Sensory Assistance animal to compensate for my absent sense of humour and tell me when people are joking. Yet the restaurants still ban my kangaroo! Is this justice?!


The tendency for human babies to put things in their mouth seems counterintuitive. It’s so dangerous, why isn’t that behavior selected against? Can’t they use their sense of touch via hands and fingers to sense things instead?


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