Watch this Corgi suddenly realize that a rock is in fact a turtle


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looks like what I just saw on twitter


No. You’re attributing humans senses to a dog, which a very foolish. He was certainly startled by its movement. But his nose had most certainly already told him that it was a living creature, and not a rock.


Not just his nose, also his ears. Remember, our world is filled with low-amplitude high frequency sounds that we humans can’t hear, but dogs can. They have very acute hearing, and have a frequency range of about 40Hz to 40kHz, much better than ours. So the whistling sound of that turtle’s breathing was probably obvious to that dog as well.


I’d call that a tortoise. Sorry to get all semantic about it. But I feel respect for that creature. Maybe a previous life.


“You look down and see a tortoise, Leon–”
“Tortoise? What’s that?”
“You know what a turtle is?”
“Of course!”
Same thing
“I’ve never seen a turtle… But I understand what you mean.”

Sorry, watched Blade Runner last night, and thought the quote was relevant.


Naw, he was clueless.


I hate it when that happens.


I disagree. I’ve noticed – at least with my dogs – that dog noses don’t work too well with reptiles; I imagine they can smell them, but don’t associate the smell with life. I can think of a lot of times when my dogs have been cluelessly napping next to a big blacksnake.


I don’t think so.


I had a dog that could sense a snake from across the yard. See, hear, smell? I have no clue, but she knew it was there and acted appropriately agitated. Thankfully she wouldn’t go within 3 metres. But she also had a bit of a thing against blue-tongue lizards. Any that wandered into the yard didn’t last long.


What a great moment to catch on video.


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