Turtle vs. Herd of Cows


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Cows try to befriend grumpy turtle

When did @beschizza get a trombone?


So he played until the cows came home.


“The rocks are alive! Tell everyone you know! They are alive! They have a consciousness!”


Those cows were not amoosed.

I’ll get my coat…


Looks like a snapping turtle. I would run away too.


Maybe that turtle has a taste for beef, but realized that it was too slow to actually run a cow down, like in it’s dreams of being a turtlecheetah, so it staged this ambush.

Better luck next time, little turtle!


He shall be our symbol of resistance; the vanguard of the herpletariat.

We will not be cowed.


I think you could just walk.


That’s not what the cow herd. :cow2::turtle:


Well it’s weird enough that perhaps at last I’ve seen the answer to a question that has bugged me for years:

How DO you ork a cow?

(Misplaced hyphens can create as much confusion as misplaced commas.)


Yup, that tail is a good indicator. Very dangerous critters.


Some myths hold that turtle shells reveal the entire cosmos. If that’s true, it’s possible these bovines saw a future they didn’t like one bit!


Older Cows:
This rock smells funny… AAAGGHHH! It moved!
No it didn’t, let me see. AAAGGHHH! It moved!
What are you looking at? AAAGGHHH! The rock, it moved!

What are you guys doing?

Older Cow:
This rock, it moves by itself!

Yeah right!
Ow! It bit me!

Older Cow:
Rocks don’t bite! OW! It bit me!
Run away!!! The rocks have mouths and they bite!

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