Bicyclist trying to take a selfie takes a spill instead, caught on live TV

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I’ll be happy for the end of mask mandates if only to not have to hear reporters’ inane prattling about them, even though I realize that inane prattling is the bread and butter of local news. It’s never been complicated, it’s never been more than anyone can handle and it’s entirely selfishness that causes people to disobey them, not a lack of clarity.

“The governor gave a clear directive that June 15th (less than three fucking weeks from now!) is the date, but we’re still waiting to hear from the governor ‘cause people are impatient.”

-Stated from a location in which nobody visible is wearing a mask.

Seriously people, grow up and wear a mask. If your state mandates them indoors, keep them on. It was never complicated and it still isn’t.




come on, that wasn’t a spill. that was like a controlled fall. literally nothing to see here people, move on.

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The current mask mandate in Los Angeles states that no mask is necessary while outdoors whether or not vaccinated but if unvaccinated and unable to maintain social distancing, a mask must be worn.

The folks outdoors in that video are not wrong to leave their masks off. I ride on this bike path daily and I have my mask with me, just in case, but I don’t wear it.

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“How can I go viral on this live newscast without getting arrested or being identified on the web? Oh, I know. . . pratfall.

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Oh, I agree; masks outdoors were always up to the wearer unless in a crowd. I didn’t mean to drag the mask less people in the vid, just the obnoxious framing reporters have used all year as if there is some legitimate debate about not infecting others. He clearly states that the Governor has given a clear and specific end date, yet because morons are impatient he has to act as if there is an actual lack of clarity.

Yeah, nothing to cause any road rash there, a little slower and she could have managed an ungainly stop.

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