LA bus passenger: "Don't mess with me, I have ebola."


LA bus passenger: “I am seriously reconsidering posting my awesome prank vid on youtube."


LA County Metro officials are reviewing surveillance video from inside
the bus to help apprehend the man, and are treating the scare as a
terrorist threat.

Is this the same as the trial of a a minor as an adult in court?

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99.9999999% chance that this is just your standard bus passenger. Last week a fellow passenger passed out and fell on me… from 3 seats away. He was drunk and talking about chemtrails moments earlier. Mind you, this was 9am.

Unfortunately these guys have to cover that .00000001% chance that it’s not the case.


“Aaaand you are taking public transit because…?”

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Can’t drive, afford a car, etc.?

There’s a place nearby that can save your life. Transportation there is free, and it’s a lot faster than public transit. You can even lie down as you go! :slight_smile:

Terrorism, huh.

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Lie down? Uhh, which one?

DevinC is talking about an ambulance.

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Oh, but that’s expensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

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