You have to watch the LA Metro system's PSAs

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So the message is that they don’t want you to carry packages on the bus? So if you’re going shopping, be sure to drive?


I think the message is that on LA buses you may be randomly attacked by women with super powers for looking differently and/or poorly packing your stuff.


So… where’s the PSA against manspreading?

(Because watching an orange monster kicked in the junk would be okay. The best!)

Won’t somebody please think of the googly-eyed pineapple children?


I think that’s actually part of the 1st linked video.

I agree that these are awesome PSAs - especially the one where everyone gleefully applauds the vaporization of a bicycle - but I’m a little unsure of the policy being communicated.


The message is they want you to carry your damn package, as pineapples–even personified pineapples–are not fare-paying passengers.


The funny thing is the Japanese style ad. When I lived there, it was rare for anyone to get up for a pregnant woman, or elderly person. Though it was typically much more packed, I counted 50 people once aprox 8x10 foot area by the doors.

Finally, a unicorn chaser! Been a crappy couple weeks.


Big Orange’s package was obviously too big to carry (which is why it got ejected). To be useful, a public transportation system needs to be flexible enough to accommodate more than strong, skinny 20-somethings carrying nothing more than a small bag of yogurt and rice crackers. You want your 90-year-old grandmother to pile her groceries in her lap?


Hey, I own a granny cart! As long as you don’t block the aisle with it (see LAMetro’s other PSA about blocking the aisle), all is well.


Oddly enough, that’s actually true.

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But the thing is, SuperKind doesn’t really exist in real life, but the human approximation of RudeDude is everpresent.

On my last MTS bus ride in San Diego, a pair of passengers who were both loud and abrasive, carried a bag full of Jack in the Box food and drink onto the bus, and went to the back seats where they figured the bus driver would not be able to observe them eating and drinking.

In the space of 30 minutes, they managed to:

  1. Spill a milkshake inside the bag, soaking the content packaging, which they proceeded to wipe up with napkins that they then discarded on the floor.
  2. Drop a burger open-faced on the floor.
  3. Fling food particles onto the neighboring rider every time we hit a bump.
  4. Got into a non-productive argument with the driver about not being the source of the problem.
  5. Spilled the remainder of the milkshake on the floor and splashed two passengers across the aisle as the bus rounded a bend. Not a lot on the clothing, but enough that stains were noticable.
  6. Left the trash on the bus as they exited.

From what we could gather from the conversation, and the proximity of the bus stop, they were headed to traffic court. I really wonder what they could have done to get a ticket.

ETA: Edited I because I was called out for being ableist (I think).


I think it’s not use the designated ‘old and/or needy’ seats at the front of the bus when an old and/or needy person is present.


Thanks for sharing whatever your intention was about a disabled person and attendant’s bus trip.

the thing is being nice is still a good principle even if other people are assholes… you are not ‘being taken advantage of’ by being nice to others on the bus.

If you believe I was being ableist, you may be right, and I have edited the post.
If you believe that a person who uses a cane should be allowed privilege to flaunt the rules, I disagree. They created a mess due to lack of concern for others, not lack of mobility.


My point was, no matter how nice you are, assholes are still gonna asshole.

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You chose the word “flaunt,” which is interesting when considering that we’re talking about a disbled individual and the attendant.

Especially if you consider the disbled individual probably had more disabilities physical and mental than you could ever fairly diagnose…

…so the moral of the story here is that the disabled get to have a bad day on the bus without it being deemed a flaunting of socirtal rules, Mr Pot, I presume.

I simply don’t understand how bringing food on the bus with the intent to eat it on the bus when it’s against MTS rules, and proceeding to cause a mess for other passengers is having a bad day? It’s not a bad day, it’s negligence.
They tried to hide their behavior from the bus driver (it looked like a couple hunkering down for an evening of television in the living room, no lie, no exaggeration, but they sat in the rear out of direct vision of the driver) and the assistant flat-out lied despite obvious evidence to the contrary when the bus driver stated they shouldn’t be eating on the bus.
The only thing allowed is drinking beverages from plastic bottles or containers with strongly secured lids, like flip-top thermoses. The rule applies to all passengers, disabled or not.


So seat-hogging is wrong, but playing your irritating video game without using headphones is okay?