You have to watch the LA Metro system's PSAs

Looks heavily influenced by the PONPONPON music video, right down to the swirly colors, rotating heads and random eyeballs. Not that I’m complaining at all, just more than a little surprised to see that as an inspiration for anything, given how completely nuts it is! But yes, more of this trend, please.


He could easily put it in his lap. I ride the DC metro daily and it is annoying how people will put their backpacks or whatever on the seat next to them rather than put it on their lap.


I think more often than not, it’s an attempt to get future passengers to sit elsewhere - similar to the people who sit in an interior seat, and only grudgingly move when there are no more seats available, except the one next to them.


Well, in orange monster’s case this is true because his ass is around 1.75 seats wide, so the crate (which is just over one seat wide) could fit on top of him.

I agree that in normal cases you should put your gear on your lap if it is possible; I guess the question is, what if it isn’t? The bus to/from the airport in my city doesn’t allow luggage, which maybe makes some sense because part of the route is used by commuters and is often crowded, but also renders the bus useless for travelers. (A great boon for the cab and limo industry here!)

A functional public transportation system allows for people carrying stuff, and while out of politeness you should try to take up as little space you can, sometimes you end up needing two seats. In my case I make up for it by standing whenever the bus is crowded and I am unladen, though I’m finally looking old enough now that I sometimes get into fights with people determined to give up their seats for me against my will.

I dunno, last time I suggested someone “manspreading” because they physically had an issue that caused pain other wise, I was told to stuff it. YMMV.

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I watched those with my mouth hanging open, literally (and literally correctly used). Now I want to move to LA.

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What did you pay forward here, that you want, more than anything, to be given back?? Honest Question.

diagnose??? (with elipses??). Nice chip on your shoulder.

Right here:


Everything reminds me of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Pon Pon Pon.

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But after she defeats the monster, doesn’t it grow to giant size and start wreaking the city, forcing her to call for backup and combine with four other FutureKinds into a giant robot to defeat it?

Now, see…that’s more realistic and quite apt.

The best line: The Subway is not Your Living Room.

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That guy knows what he’s talking about.

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Our buses generally don’t have room for luggage, but the rail system (which serves the airport & downtown) has a special space at the end of each car where luggage, bikes, etc., can be stored.
But there’s still too much manspreading and eating and loud noises from leaking headphones and phone speakers. But it’s still an affordable transportation option. And we have free trolleys downtown:

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That trolley looks very nice. I haven’t lived in Cleveland in a very long time (Jimmy Carter was president), but when I did I used public transportation to commute daily from University Heights (where I lived) to Westlake (where I worked), and it was not trivial. I don’t remember anything like that trolley downtown.

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The music reminds me a lot of Kero Kero Bonito.

This feels like I’m watching a video from an alternate reality where instead of seeing Japanese commercials and media use random cringy English, there’s a American video trying to be Japanese with random Japanese phrases thrown in… I feel like the things I see daily that make me cringe are now being run through another level.

The pain…


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The trolleys started in the late 00s, when the RTA was well-funded and Public Square still let buses through. Neither is true now, unfortunately, but the RTA is still pretty good.

Post’s intention was unclear with relation to the story. Commented accordingly. No subtext.