Bus driver furious with woman who coughed on his bus, then died yesterday from coronavirus

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Brother, you said it. Righteous…




Long time public transit rider here.

If governors/mayors are going to keep the air, bus, and subway lines open since they are necessary, then why not make the decision makers utilize the same transit methods?

Don’t tell me that it’s safe to fly when you’re on a chartered jet to D.C. Don’t tell me that it’s essential that people go to work at a grocery store while you’re saying it’s not safe to ride a bus.


Er, you might want to tweak your headline, I went in thinking the WOMAN died.

As for the guy- man that sucks. Righteous anger.


Negligent homicide or depraved indifference?

I think it’s got to be one or the other.


Fuckin’ A.
The horrible thing is, she was probably just as trapped on that bus as he was.


damn…less than 2 weeks from perfectly fine to dead.

Next time some asshole tries to tell me this is no worse than the flu I’m going to seriously lose my shit!


Bus driver, furious with woman who coughed on his bus, died yesterday from coronavirus


Me, too. Completely misleading headline. Just remove the comma and the “then” and it’s clear.


OH yeah, one little comma made it more clear for me. Thanks.

Downtown Seattle. When I take my dog up to the doggy area on the roof of my building, all I see are buses following their route patterns. I know there are people, like this poor guy, risking their lives down there. But from above it has a surreal quality of automation running after humanity has gone extinct.


Here in Austin at least, they’ve made the buses free so that one enters from the back (wheelchairs excepted), keeping people away from the driver, We are practically in lock-down mode with a lot of it voluntary. It seems to be working (well, as best as it can work). Things will never be the same tho. The major cities in Texas seem to be on top of this, as best they can, while the state is being its usual asshole self.


To protect bus drivers Alameda County’s AC transit isn’t letting passengers into the forward area of the buses, except disabled who need the ramp and/or the special wheelchair areas. Regular passengers have to enter through the rear door. Buses are free since the clipper card readers on AC transit are only on the front door.


If you shut down the bus lines and subways entirely, then how are essential workers like doctors and nurses and grocery clerks who depend on public transit supposed to get to work?

Forcing Gavin Newsom or Andrew Cuomo to ride the bus wouldn’t make the buses any safer. If anything, the message should be “the buses are here for the people who really, really need them and if you’re not one of those people then please stay off.”


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Rest in Power, Mr. Hargrove.

Please prosecute the person who assaulted Mr. Hargrove.


In Illinois here. Some people (not me) elected Pritzker and I figured he was going to be another corrupt, inept, silver-spoon, “I know business” IL governor (we pioneered the whole Trump debacle) and yet, while our black, female, lesbian Democrat mayor of Chicago (who I liked up until this moment) waffled on shutting down the city, Pritzker stepped in early and shut down the whole fucking state. Then he began raising hell over the chaos in the federal government and how they weren’t mandating consistent policy not doling out aid and strategic reserves to the states efficiently. For the first time ever, I’m glad a I live in a state being managed by someone who gives a shit and is competent (so far). Compare and contrast to FL and TX, which are the two other states in the IL population and economic bracket.


Kinda sad, isn’t it, that it takes a full-blown crisis to truly see some people.

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Poor guy.

The trams in Melbourne now have the driver’s section at the front roped off, and the front door isn’t in use any more. I hope they’re doing the same with buses.


That’s how it always seems to be. Churchill, FDR, Lincoln, Augustus Caesar…the list goes on and on. Crisis makes leadership more visible.

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