Bidding opens for the right to bring an original cast video of Hamilton to screens

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Any time I get discouraged about the state of the country and my fellow Americans, I try and remember that this play made a trillion dollars and continues to sell out every show everywhere. We can’t be without hope in that reality.


I love that Chernow, on whose book Miranda riffed, gets something like a half-point in royalties for his work as historical consultant. Something like $900K a year so far.


My dad loves watching Opera simulcasts from the Metropolitan opera in the movie theater in his little town in Maine. I’m not terribly surprised, but disappointed that this way of democratizing theater hasn’t taken hold in broadway.

Also, fun fact: my sister-in-law was in In the Heights when Manuel Miranda first put it on as a college project.


Sure, but wouldn’t this be due to the fact that, unlike opera, there are many out of town productions of Broadway hits? In other words, the theater industry already has a way of distributing its product nationally while retaining its optimal (i.e., live) form.


A friend of mine was an early investor in IN THE HEIGHTS when she was flush with cash. Saw it when it was about a gay love triangle – so, you know, really early on – and invested in Lin and Tommy Kail more than anything else because she believed in their talent. She did well off of it, and years later, when HAMILTON was taking on investors, they had more than enough money to make the show thanks to really high-profile huge-money investors – but Lin and crew felt an obligation to open it up to those who had supported them when they were just starting out. So she invested what she could (a much smaller percentage) and even that tiny sliver has paid back in ways that have effectively supported her through a career/life change. From all accounts, Lin’s a stand-up guy.


I still want to be able to see the show live, but its just impossible. Requires me to spend a lot of money to buy a season pass for a bunch of shows for the year or buy the individual show at a huge markup. Option 1 is not a bad thing but still requires me to spend more money than i’d like. Some day i hope but in the mean time i would legitimately be interested to see the original cast on video :slight_smile:


The show was so amazing live that I’m glad more people will be able to share the experience of seeing the stage version. While Rob Marshall does a good job bringing musicals like “Chicago” and “Nine” to the screen (though inevitably cutting numbers I love) “Hamilton” is better served this way on film.

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I think if it ever gets made into a movie i’d like for them to do more with it, even if they cut numbers or change things around a bit. Otherwise why bother? Might as well watch the original cast recorded.

That’s what they’ll be doing in this case, whoever wins the auction. I’m sure it’s been shot from several angles simultaneously so they’ll have coverage for editing but it’s a video of one or more stage performances. The play held together so well for me that in my opinion cutting numbers or changing things around significantly would diminish the experience. It lived up to the hype for a reason.


By the time Hamilton makes it to the greater Rockland area of coastal Maine, it’ll be so far from Original Cast, my dad will be in it

(he actually does do a lot of community theater…)


Hell yeah


There’s always HAM4HAM. I saw it for $10 in SF in 2nd row orchestra seats.


Totally and i think that’s awesome. Still it sucks that the show is about black culture, hip hop, minorities, etc and the very people that should be seeing the show can’t because of the $ tickets command.

He’s not throwing away that shot.


Eh… You could rent a room at The Samoset and make a nice weekend of it at least.

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I feel you but you ain’t seeing the original stage cast of Turandot when you watch the Met broadcast either…old-as-hell operas are a little easier to distribute, copyright-wise (yes yes I’m sure there are rights issues re: a specific production of an opera, but you catch my drift)

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Unless I stumble into thousands of dollars that don’t need to be spent elsewhere, chances of me ever seeing it on Broadway are sadly non-existent. There’s a decent camcoder version floating about at the moment, but this is great news, and I’ll be the first in line to buy the proper version - provided it can be bought and that it is not bundled into some yearly service instead.

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