Archival video of original Hamilton cast will be made before Lin-Manuel Miranda moves on

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I’ve avoided getting too excited by the buzz of a show that I have no way of seeing…


Even though I have no chance of seeing it, I did listen to the cast album online. Very good music and everyone in the show does a great job! Don’t miss out just cause you can’t see it.


Well, now we should get a chance to, right? Or are they not going to release it?

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Maybe. If they’re just making an archival recording it’s likely to be part of the TOFT Archive at the New York Public Library. Those recordings are not open to the general public but are intended solely for students, scholars, and professionals in theatre.

Because they’re not meant for commercial release they tend to be of the “stick a camera or two in the audience and aim them at the stage” type of recordings, not the multi-camera setups usually used for things like concert-films or comedy specials, so we might get a better idea once the recording has happened and someone can report on how extensive the cameras were.

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I do hear tell that there is a bootleg video filmed by an audience member with the full original cast available if you know where to look.

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I’m in two minds… I really enjoy musicals, I have cast albums, but I can count on the thumbs of one hand the number of musicals I got to like without seeing them first. It could be argued that this makes me shallow. But I like what I’ve heard of “Hamilton”, and I’ll almost certainly hear more.

(I spent a week in Manhattan a couple of months ago, and pretty much took for granted that I couldn’t afford a Broadway or near-Broadway musical, though I did see one sort-of-Broadway production, from the cheapest of cheap seats.)


The Broadway bootleg “scene” is weird but developing.

It will tour. It will also play for years and years.

So if it doesn’t come to you, come crash on my couch for a night!

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You can totally afford a Broadway musical. If you do not care what you see there is a TKTS booth that sells tickets at half price. And, one of my favoritest shows, Avenue Q, is now off-Broadway, which makes it even cheaper! And, if you’re a tourist with more time than money, every show has a lottery or standing room seats or something for about ten bucks that you do first thing in the morning and go see that night.

You can absolutely see a Broadway show when you come to New York, I promise there is something in the $40-50 range that you will love from TKTS if you don’t get in via lottery.


Cash in on this ASAP, that’s my suggestion. Ride that wave. Release action figures, tie in with Happy Meals, merchandise merchandise merchandise! You can only fit so many people in for live performances!


I’m waiting for the abridged Vegas version.

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The actors, stagehands, theater employees, understudies, and all others offscreen won’t be happy with that.

? The Broadway version is probably going to run for ten years, probably pushing it out to 20. Doing a movie version would in no way impact the Broadway version. Le Miz is still doing very well with a film variant out there.

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How long from Les Mis debut to film? 32 years?

(maybe 27 would be a better figure by the sounds of it, but still, not quick).

I’d love to watch a video of a performance of Hamilton, I am useless at hearing lyrics so I’m sure I’d miss stuff from listening to the cast recording. Seems like that’s still a long way off.

I’m sure when it ever does tour over here it’ll be equally expensive and oversubscribed, too.

There’s only a couple of brief moments in the play that don’t appear on the cast album. Listen to it all the way through. Have tissues handy.


About that. But another Broadway production opened after the film. One medium doesn’t impact the ticket sales of the other.

My mind is blown at even the idea of a West End production of a period piece about one of the mainstays of the American Revolution. We have enough problems over here with people understanding historical context of the time.

I have a DVD of Into the Woods that is a recording of the play. It was pricey. Still if you enjoyed the play on DVD, why wouldn’t you still go see it live if you can? People go see music concerts all the time. Heck they go see movies in the theater of old movies too.

I ended up with two copies by accident, if anyone needs a new copy (with Bernadette Peters).


I’m thinking West Coast, not West End… but I’d expect it’ll do well over there too…

I found that the library has the book version though, so I’m good.