Weird Al's latest is a Hamildrop: Listen to 'The Hamilton Polka'


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This is everything. We are indeed lucky to be alive right now.:laughing:


Look at where Al is. Look at where Al started.


My day is complete.


Weird Al-exander Hamliton!


In most aspects of my life, I’m a fairly well adjusted 40-something adult. When a new Weird Al Song comes out, that all goes out the window and I’m a 10 year old goof once again. Like his other polka medleys, the Hamilton Polka is both fun and clever!


These two, I swear. Lin especially is such a precious cinnamon roll.


Both these guys are a national treasure.


How anybody can NOT enjoy Weird Al is beyond me. Than man is a treasure of mankind.


“which manages to cram all of Hamilton into a frenetic five-minute polka”

Obviously not ALL of it, seeing as I’m not sobbing.


I finally understand Rap! I knew if I kept trying, I’d get it one day.

Here’s Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda reacting to their first listen of the completed piece:


this is, quite literally, my first exposure to any of the music from “Hamilton”. now I really need to find a way to experience it.

Weird Al is possibly one of the greatest musical geniuses of the past century.


I haven’t found that way yet, I would like to see it too but am not going to fly to another continent for a show… However, if you haven’t seen anything yet, you are in for a treat.

In 2009 he performed in the white house, seemingly out of nowhere, this scruffy guy brings all this passion, amazing:


Lin-Manuel Miranda videoed the last original cast performance, and has promised a DVD of same. That’s what I’m waiting on, because ticket prices are just insane – if you can get them at all. Plus I do have the soundtrack, which I listen to on a loop every so often just to drive my husband crazy. (He says, ‘not really. it’s not so bad.’)


I wait until after I see a musical to listen to the soundtrack, and after that it’s on repeat … errr … non-stop for months. So from August through December of last year it was “Hamilton” on a daily basis. Then I finally got it out of my system … or so I thought. Thanks a lot, Weird Al! (meant in all sincerity)


Listening to the soundtrack gives you more or less the entire story, so that’s a great way to access it. Doing it in order works great, but when I need to convince someone I find “Satisfied” as a single song really shows off a lot.

I went to the London production a few weeks ago and loved it. I believe the ticket prices are such that flying to the UK from the USA may be cost effective, which is ridiculous.


I just have to say that if you’re a Weird Al fan, and you have the opportunity to do so, don’t miss his current tour. It’s just him and his band – no video screens, no special effects, no gymnastics, no costume changes, and NO PARODY SONGS. It’s him doing his originals and super deep cuts: Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota, Albuquerque, Buy Me a Condo, Mr Frump in His Iron Lung, etc. I saw him last night and he was having a total blast. Plus Emo Philips is the opening act, so for me it was a no brainer.


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