Biden "dominating" Trump in latest national poll

When the incumbent is seeking more debates it’s a sure sign that the incumbent thinks he’s losing- and is feeling a mite desperate.


I wouldn’t put it past Trump to manage to bring back tuberculosis in a few months. I would not be shocked at all.



The imminent uptick of the first wave of infections (which never ended nor even came close to “flattening” in the US) pretty much guarantees the economy will NOT rebound between now and November.



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I ask with no sarcasm or irony, I simply don’t know… how are these polls conducted? Are people asked who they are voting for, or supporting? If so, my previous 3+ years of experience tells me with great certainty that many, many Trump supporters lie when asked, they simply don’t say it out loud. To anyone.

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Wasn’t it the voters that, by and large, actually voted for the other candidate last time?

A double-digit lead against an incumbent president this (relatively) close to the election is very bad news for said incumbent. And very good news for everyone else.

Biden is very sensibly not interrupting when Trump is making constant, unforced errors, making himself look worse and worse; the Lincoln Project is getting under Trump’s skin and hopefully reaching at least some Republican voters; and the BLM protests and Covid-19 keep people energized to do something about the orange fuckwit in the White House.

Now, complacency and overconfidence are dangerous. But constant anxiety and expecting the worst is also bad for you, and allowing yourself to feel a glimmer of hope is important lest you burn yourself out. It’s okay to look at the polls and accept that they’re a good sign. 2016 was seriously traumatizing to a lot of Americans, in the literal, for-real psychological trauma sense. But 2018 and the various special elections have shown that 2016 is not the default, but an anomaly.


They had about 8-10, but two old septuagenarian white guys couldn’t set their egos aside and step into roles of elder statemen.

The strain was more than he could bear…

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I believe that Trump’s too-numerous-to-count “antics” since day one would blunt any October Surprise. I’d expect exasperated “Oh c’mon. What now, for Pete’s sake. More bullshit?”


Not in the states where it mattered most, apparently.

Polls are measurements of how people may vote; the bigger question is how many people will be able to vote?

Polls don’t factor in closed pollling locations. They don’t track voter purges. They don’t track the reduction of polling places in communities of color. They don’t factor in the effects of having the Southern Voting Civil Rights act repealed. Or how much anonymous Dark Citizen’s United money will flood into a district.

Those factors – nearly all of which came to fruition while we were backslapping ourselves about our ‘great’ President Obama (who woundup being a shit centrist) and how Hillary (an egomaniac who should not have been given the DNC’s blessing to run) would be the first woman president – are far more important than any idiotic ‘poll.’

We’re fucked. We are going to lose, and it was all determined 10 or so years ago because Obama wanted to not be another to people who fucking hated him.

And now the DNC picked Biden. Remember how they did last time?

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We don’t need to be enthusiastic about the candidate. We need to be enthusiastic about ourselves. That’s the difference between voting for president and voting for prom queen.

Biden will be personally fine if he wins, and fine if he loses; his stake in winning is far lower than our stake in having him win.

Sure they did. They used 5G rays to manipulate the primary voters.


Thank you, that was helpful (and long-overdue for me)! Of course, now I’m even more suspicious that they’ll get it wrong.


They dragged Bloomberg in as a stalking horse; they muscled Klobuchar and various Centrists out, to help Joe Biden, but left Warren in to divide-and-conquer.

Just because one doesn’t understand what happened doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, sir.

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“They” did nothing of the sort. The candidates chose to stay on or leave based on a variety of factors, DNC manipulation not being among them. The only time the DNC leadership actively monkeyed with the primary rules this year was the decision to allow Bloomberg to debate, a move which effectively killed his run. So, thanks, DNC!


For a second there I thought you said Al Jourgensen, which would be interesting…


Thanks; I needed a laugh.

Yeah, I curb my enthusiasm untill the Orange Bastard is actually OUT of the White House, thank you very much.