Biden flips Arizona and Nebraska's second district, bolstering chances in election nail-biter

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This is good news. It means Biden can likely squeak out a win with only WI and MI.

As expected PA is the likely linchpin here but not yet a necessity for victory but it’s likely Biden will take it regardless of what Trump says. I’ll breathe a lot easier if/when PA goes blue.

(And for all of you non USians out there, yes our presidential election system is shit. We know. We’re sorry.)


That really is good news, because I’m not sure he gets PA or NC or GA. Having a path without those three that goes through two states that absolutely SHOULD flip blue during the late count (when big cities and mail in ballots are most in play, both heavily Democratic) really reduces my anxiety. We may not have gotten all we wanted, but I’ll settle for kicking Donnie out of the oval office.

Of course, we’ll have to see what challenges he brings to the Supreme Court and whether or not they’ll hear them.


I really hope so. I’m not feeling optimistic, though.


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