Biden wins 100% of votes in first precinct to report in

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What’s with the last two sentences? Why would you break my high like that?


Perhaps it’s my outsider’s perspective, but technically speaking releasing vote counts before the close of polling could influence public opinion. I’m sure it doesn’t matter here with such small numbers, but I would have thought it wouldn’t be allowed in principle.


NH is weird political territory. You can drive through one town and see nothing but MAGA signs everywhere. very next town over is “Ridin’ with Biden” through and through.


Have you seen the REST of our governments?


It’s a quirky tradition of these two locations, which allows them (and only them) to do this. I’ve never looked into the history of it myself, I’m sure it’s deeply weird in some way.


Having receiving all 5 votes in Dixville Notch, Joe Biden joked in Scranton: "Based on Trump’s notion, I’m going to declare victory right now.”


The technical detail is that if you have a population less than 100, you can open polls at midnight and close polls once every registered voter has cast their ballot. There are 3 towns with a low enough population. The third town decided to open later this year due to the pandemic.

It would sort of screw over people who want to register at the polls, but if you are in one of these 3 towns, you know about it ahead of time.

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This has happened, back in 1980.

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Welcome to Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, where Biden is raking in the votes. Five of them, in fact, awarding him 100% of the total.

Well, looks like its time to close the polls in New Hampshire and call the state for Biden.
yeah donny, two can play at that game

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