Big brands like H&M, Adidas, Gap are entangled in China's brutal campaign against Uighur Muslim minority

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But seriously, is anyone really surprised about this? An authoritarian regime allowing private corporations to benefit from their human rights abuses. This has gotten so common as to be pedestrian at this point. Which is down right depressing.


Corporations profited from the British getting the Chinese addicted to opium in the 19th century, now corporations are profiting from the Chinese getting the West addicted to slave labor. I do see one constant, here.


It says something that the protesters choice of symbolic costumes to represent a repressive state abusing detainees is nothing to do with China. Instead they’ve gone for the much more accessible , home-grown symbolism of oppression straight from the US camps at Guantanamo.


Again, we starve Cubans to death because they’re a communist country, and we have a trade deficit with China and let them own our debt because they’re a communist country whose expatriates didn’t have the good sense to cluster in one or two districts in an important swing state. It’s rank hypocrisy. And no, I’d rather not buy anything from China, and I try not to, but christ – phones, computers, etc, even some books – it’s hard not to. But CHRIST, am I tired of people buying things from what is essentially prison labor so the Walton family can hoover up even more money.

Whichever Democrat candidate proposes a Carbon Tariff – we add the carbon-cost it takes to get a ‘cheap’ good from China to America, while an American-made good would have a far lesser penalty for a far-lesser distance – is going to actually bring jobs back to America, and make China choke on its own fascism without all that Walmart money to wash it down anymore.


Dude, this seems like whataboutism at its finest, and it’s a lame call. Yes, there were 22 Uighurs at Guantanamo, probably for doing stupid things against America’s interests; we had to catch them, then imprison them. China is going pretty much door-to-door to round up EVERY Uighur, if they can, and without any cause other than the fact they’re Uighurs. Is America perfect? No. But 22 detainees from the battlefield does not, and can not, be used as a ‘whatabout-ist’ shield to say ‘Well, we do it toooooooo…’ when China is doing freaking GENE TESTING to find and oppress any Uighur they can locate.

Again, America isn’t perfect, and any historian knows it’s done bad things. But I’ll take our imperfect democracy ANY DAY over Chinese corporatist fascist ‘communism’ any day of the week.

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