Big Data Kafka: US Government Watchlists and the secrecy whose justification is a secret


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In fact big, heavy, weary, nauseated, sick-of-this-shit, Sigh…

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Cough…Due Process…cough, cough.

America, fuck yeah!

Look in in the mirror: see the cause. 90% of incumbents will be re-elected, nearly 100% of them from the two parties who did this to you, and America will continue as usual. When you cry you cry because Americans want this world the way they have made it. That’s why they continue to vote the same. It’s not about politicians; it’s about the numbskulls who continue to put them back into place because heaven help us if the other identical party should win!


Okay, let me indulge this thinking for a second. Are you saying that Romney would have disbanded the NSA and put into place transparency about the watch lists and no-flys? So, next time if I vote for the opposite of whoever is in office everywhere, this will cease to exist, right?

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No, I think he’s saying don’t vote, because your vote doesn’t matter and everybody is both powerless and evil.

Oddly, even though both parties are identical, only one party has been trying to suppress the vote.


There’s hardly a difference between Romney and Obama, that’s the problem. And as long as Americans keep this one-party-two-wings system in power, American politics - both domestic and international - will not change,


No, there’s just enough to keep it ticking over. Mind you, Ye Merrie Englande is much the same. I don’t know enough about Germany to formulate an opinion though.

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A sweet bit of irony would be to put a random selection of politicians and very wealthy and influential people on the no-fly list…accidentally.


Justifiable schadenfreude --but then a few calls would be made and problem solved. Or just as likely, there are people who are on the “do not put on the do not fly list…list.”

Seriously, if I’m too friggin’ dangerous to be allowed on a plane, then arrest me and get me the hell off the streets. Arrest me, charge me and get a conviction. But oh no, that would be tipping the government’s hand. (I know, n/a for non-usians)

Bottom line: until there is accountability for wrongfully hosing us, this pile of crap will keep getting deeper.

It just makes me so, so --what’s the word? Oh yeah.

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the word appears to be “image hosted by tripod”. that’s interesting, but i don’t see the point .

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right-click on it, then open the image in new window or tab

And if they had something to do with organising the no-fly lists, make sure the TSA detains the sons-of-[censored] and they [censored] them in the [censored] with a [censored] that is several sizes too large, and covered in [censored], until they cry “[censored]”, and then post their [censored]-scans on YouTube.

While I don’t entirely disagree, how do you propose the changes? Unless all the people can agree on some other alternative, and have a shit ton of money to back it, it won’t happen. There is too much invested in the way of the two party system now. Investments made by the few who have the most to gain from the set-up. I take issue with the first commenter’s assumption that the people asked for this, or that it is sanctioned ‘by the people’. The entire set-up is a way to circumvent ‘the people’ and it is being done on a global scale.

Editing to add: Unless the people take up arms and rebel. And we know how that would end, don’t we?


So long as I get to eviscerate IDS with Cameron’s splintered femur, it’s all gravy.


All politics and “there’s no difference”-ing aside, it’s the Congress that passes the laws and/or allows practices like this to continue. They are most certainly the 90% of incumbents the OP was referring to.

Depends on how many decided to rebel.

Me, I’d favor direct action with as little confrontation as possible. America is nearly 10,000,000 km2. They can’t be everywhere, or even close.

Thanks. Did not realize it would display that way.
Bad me, no doughnut…

The same goes for them. Do you think that voting out one group for another within the same two party structure is going to usher in radical change? It’s the same thing all the way down to the piddling municipalities.

Having said that, some of the little differences between parties may make a world of difference for some people. Religious freedom or freedom from religion, civil rights, etc come to mind. On another note, on a personal level, as much as I have found disappointment in MANY of Obama’s policies, I must admit that the healthcare law may end up truly helping me. Having put thousands upon thousands of dollars into the system in years past, I may now actually have coverage. You could say I had ‘coverage’ before, except that that only meant that I was paying into the system for someone else, had no benefits, insane deductibles, to the point where I couldn’t afford to ever see a doctor or do much else aside from struggling to pay bills.