US lawmakers vote against legislation to curb NSA's spying program



I wish I could say I was surprised… it was pretty close though. If only we had just a few less authoritarians in congress.

Can anyone explain the Alabama - Arkansas split in votes? The 6 Republicans in Alabama all voted against the measure, while the 4 Republicans in Arkansas all voted for it.

I seek vengeance.

To dumbitude.

P.S. Back off.

What I find strange is that there is a similar push to maintain big data pools on consumers by a variety of corporations - a data pool that, in turn will be tapped by the Government.
This issue warrants greater concern from the public, IMHO.

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I think some representatives shouldn’t really be called representatives if they don’t bother to represent their constituency. Or, at the very least they should put the logos of Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, etc. on their foreheads to make it clearer whose side they’re really on.


The idea that spies would not use data mining seems beyond the beyond.

I can’t see this stopping.

I guess what we really need to do is take back the government from big business.

Eh, I’m done. I’m going back to admire the melting North Pole some more.

Tea Party skewing the usually “strong on defense” republican party line? That would be my guess… but I don’t know if the Arkansas republicans are tea partiers.

It is this provision that I personally find more important that the data mining. I find the fact that there is a secret court, whose workings are secret even from most members of congress, to be the biggest issue in this whole situation.

“It also would have required that secret opinions from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court be made available to lawmakers and that the court publish summaries of each opinion for public review.”

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I live in Texas but I am not shocked to see Lamar Smith jump at anything that puts a paw in a citizen’s computer.

I’d write a letter to my congressman, but he’s Dutch Ruppersberger. Ranking member of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the National Security Agency, Fort Meade, federal Cyber Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay are in his district : (

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We have a list. Those that voted Aye have a friends. Those that voted No are going to get the political days lights beaten out of them. When tomorrow comes make the calls and let them know they are on the black list.

And by the way, where is the SSL. You know Tor doesn’t mean a damn without end to end encryption.


Sorry man. I sympathize.

What surprises me in this case is that the (lame-ass), House even took this up as an issue. The result is not to my liking, but wow, who knew they were even aware of what the public is thinking about. Go figure.


Someone on HackerNews pointed out that this is actually better than it looks. The folks who voted against include a good-sized group who isn’t willing to block all mass domestic surveillance just yet, but would happily vote for a less broad bill; the folks who voted for are 100% percent opposed to mass domestic surveillance. What this means is that whatever slightly-less-broad bill comes along next is very likely to pass.


I’m not surprised that this failed, but I’m amazed, and hopeful, over how close it actually came.

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Arkansas, I grew up there, is all about 'Murica. Anything that 'Murica does isn’t wrong. Even if it is wrong.

Those that voted no are in politically safe states/conditions. You think the 4 repubs in Arkansas or the dems in CA are afraid of losing their seats? To whom?

Me too. I’m really shocked at how close it was.

OK, I hope everyone called their rep. We have to start working to change votes. Bills come, go, and come again. This was an important litmus test. We need to exploit what we learned to it’s fullest extent.

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