Big Mouth: My German Buddy



This one for me is a little brilliant…

Malt liquor and Wagner sounds like quite the combination. This is like an alcoholic American Splendor, I’d love to see some Chinanski at the racetrack in comic book form.

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At 5%, I would hardly call Singha “malt liquor”. Isn´t that term reserved for higher percentages beers?

Singha is easy enough to find in the UK where most people would call it either a lager or a beer.

Wagner loved Thai beer.

Bukowski’s stuff is easily picked up at your local bookstore–all I knew of him early on was his predilection for the drink and the occasional young lady. I think it took middle age for me to recognize his talent in writing, and he was one hell of a writer.

If I recall correctly, in America any drink with 5% and above cannot be called beer. It becomes Malt Liquor. It’s a strange place, the US of A.

I’m from the US and it’s got me stumped. My Heady Topper cans in the fridge are listed simply as “Ale - 8%”, but the local Imperial Stout (10%) sitting next to it is labeled “Malt Beverage”. I don’t think many people would refer to an I.P.A. as a malt beverage, but it seems to be classified as such as well. Weird, I never noticed. It might vary by state, but it all sits in the “beer section” of the store.

Regardless of how its classified, Singha is not very good.

I suspect it is a state by state thingy thing. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:
Interesting too is that in Canada, the law requires that alcohol content be indicated on the label while in much of the US the law is exactly the opposite. Apparently in a misbegotten attempt to protect those who might binge?


If only I could buy that down here in MA.

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