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What would you substitute for a forty in Merrie Englande (for lo, we don't even have that shit)? Would crust-punk grade lager do? By which I'm talking special Brew/Kestrel Super/Tennents Super (best of the three, IMO).


It's a malt, and it's pretty bad. So anything staggeringly inexpensive would be a good start.


I just realized how much Ed Piskor must love drawing hands, especially in fists. It's going to be harder to read the rest of this without focusing on the hands.


You don't need malt liquor to make a beermosa. Any wheat ale would do, or a pilsner.


The comics are no longer showing up in BBS threads even clicking "show full post"


I complained about this two months ago. still nothing. @sam said it was a pretty technical issue, though.


Yeah, its a nightmare to fix, I will eventually get to it, but need to rewrite a big pile of code to make it work 100% of the time. frowning


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