Boilermaker-ready bomb shotglasses




I enjoy my choice of alcohol enough to not require toys to justify/liven-up my drinking.


Hmm are you thinking boilermaker, or depth charge?


Just do not attempt to transport in carry on luggage.


By region and class divide they can be the same drink.


Sounds great for home, but in general and in my experience bars don’t like depth charge type drinks. Breakage/cuts probably, also if you show up and want whiskey and a pint you may come off as a potential pain in the ass later.


I live in Hiroshima. I must order up load for friends and family. They are sure they’ll go down well.Why not sell them at the Peace Memorial Museum? Cory, can you explain why these are worth promoting on Boing Boing?


I guess having something be “Da Bomb” isn’t exactly a universal accolade.


I’m guessing depth charge. Most people don’t realize a boiler maker is just a shot and a brew


Generally it’s because they’re messy. Not only do they spill and overflow onto bars and tables. But beer especially makes a foamy scum and hard scale when mixed with certain liquor in such a turbulant fashion. It’s almost impossible to get the glass clean without scrubbing it immediately after the drink is finished. Which is impractical or impossible in a service situation. Irish car bombs are the worst.

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