Use 50ml chemistry beakers as shot glasses


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dont do this in a lab tho


Hey, lead acetate is a pretty sweet mixer!*

*please don’t consume lead



Johnny was a chemist’s son,
But Johnny is no more,
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.


Be careful about buying lab glassware. In many states you can get in trouble.

In Texas (where I am), a beaker is probably fine but god help you if you want an Erlenmeyer flask.


So I bought some 600 mL beakers for the home lab and I ended up turning one into my desktop drinking tumbler (never used for lab purposes). You might think I approve of this. I do not. In my case it was organic laziness. The last thing we need is another stupid trend in the vein of drinking from jam jars. Nothing you drink from should have defects on the rim unless you want to wear it. Maybe if it’s Halloween, break out the beakers and blast Monster Mash. Otherwise just user a regular shot glass and learn to use a jigger and pony.



That’s almost an entire tin of tea!


I once went to a party at a professor’s house and every drink was served in beakers. It was a cute gimmick, but not something I’d want to do all the time.


we’ve actually been doing this for ages. one of my friends said, “you’re mad, you know that. MAAAAAAD!!!”


Different drinks must be colored differently. the most potent drinks should have a tablet of dry ice added before serving for maximum effect.


I had an AM chem class in school in which I developed the mantra “this is not coffee”, while carrying beakers of various caustic substances to the fume hood.


It’s probably a good thing I don’t do any chemistry in my kitchen because I regularly drink coffee from one of these.

Oh, wait, I do all kinds of chemistry. It just happens to be called preparing food. I could say I don’t do any dangerous chemistry, but some who’ve tried my cooking might disagree.


Just don’t smack them down on the table after finishing your tequila! Borosilicate glass is quite brittle.


If you want to be really hip, use fifty 1mL beakers.


Hey, that’s my measuring cup!

(no, really, assuming it has English measures on the other side)


Amazon also sells various real shot glasses for roughly the same price. They’re probably nicer in your hand / at your mouth, though less resilient structurally.

I’d actually go the other way: buy some nice, pleasant shot glasses for the home, and maybe buy these for the lab. WVR lists a box of 12 50ml borosilicate glass graduated beakers at ~$70, so about 5 times the price (not that researchers buying beakers for their lab pay list price, because their institution usually negotiates a discount - but even so that’s a huge difference). The claim is made on the Amazon page that these are borosilicate glass, so presumably they’re actually suitable for use in a lab, at a fraction of the price from a standard lab supplier.


Not many states, just Texas as far as I know.


It’s time to bring Doctor Dreadful back!


Luckily, that particular problem is confined to a single haven of freedom from the crushing hand of government interference.

Anecdotally, doing a bit too much business with hydroponics suppliers, or having a taste for elemental iodine on a scale sufficient to purify drinking water for a small nation, can be a way to get to know the local law enforcement entities in may areas; but thee’s nothing in writing about it, and nobody will be willing to admit that that’s why they seek to make your acquaintance.

Good thing that making glassware a controlled substance is keeping people from just cooking meth in kitchenware, right?


Phew! Because Erlenmeyers make the best salad dressing cruets!