Breaking Bad themed coffeeshop opens in Istanbul


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Sorry, I can’t help myself, everytime I hear Istanbul I gotta play this song!


Looks much more inviting to me than your average corner coffee shop.

Instead of blue rock candy shouldn’t they have blue Turkish Delight?
Edit: probably making caffeinated rock candy


Lab glass is unsurprisingly practical for beverage making.


I was hoping for Walter White Chocolate Mocha, or a Pinkman Spiced Latte.

(Hey, Walter’s Coffee Roastery? Get at me. I’m good at this. Also, I’m available to travel.)


Most of the pics feature a Chemex (6 cup, I believe) with the characteristic wooden collar removed. They were actually invented by a chemist, so it’s only natural that things would come full circle: Chemistry gadgets used to make coffee get reappropriated as props meant to look like they are chemistry gadgets.


Just skip the Stevia.


Please give this to your coffee-making professional and have an A-1 day.


Ugh. That stuff is vile. Give me a partially chlorinated sucrose packet any day of the week.


Actually, they should keep their masks on due to the recently discovered diacetyl exposure during roasting!



I used to have a bunch around the house for nerdy exact measurement coffee or drinks(works and looks great with an aeropress), unfortunately its breakibility index is way higher than ceramic or stainless cups and vessels, we got tired of removing the glass shards from our feet and gluing our kids together.


Another option is using plastic beakers. They don’t look that good but you can play pingpong with them.


I was doing a ketotic diet a few months ago, there was no satisfactory substitute for sucrose that I could find, especially the weird after-taste. I guess all of the intense trickery stuff sticks in the chemo-sensor rather than being metabolized out.


That’s why I have one of these:


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