Big Mouth: The Pat Moriarity Highlight Film


Moriarity’s a great cartoonist. The kidnapping story referred to was “Popcorn Pimps”. It was reprinted in a Moriarity collection called, interestingly enough, “Popcorn Pimps”.

This is excellent, looking forward to more. I’m familiar with your work Pat but didn’t know about the Twin/Tone days, is any of that stuff up online?

One of my earliest collaborations was with Dave Pirner, of SOUL ASYLUM, and there’s two pages in their CLAM DIP and OTHER DELIGHTS CD booklet, put out by Twin/tone. I did production work on Replacement’s CDs, including SORRY MA, and some poster designs for Magnolias and Mekons. I drew some cartoons for Curtiss A on flyers, and twin/tone ads. I haven’t posted any of that stuff


Awesome. I think you should post it all.

Here’s hoping you post the one where you draw Henry Rollins as a bunny rabbit!

Yay, Pat Moriarity! I’m happy to see you’re the latest addition to the Boing Boing flock.

Am I the only one who read the name as “Pat Morita”?

(Sorry, Pat Moriarity)

Curtiss A- Land of the Free Never heard of him so I looked him up, great song.

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