Hairy Scary




Is that Dennis Eichhorn in the 2nd panel background, talking about an eyeball splattered on his boot …?


Yes. ha!


Between your Big Mouth stories and Eichhorn’s, there’s this whole Fantagraphics Universe thing going, only with Seattle and cartoonists instead of NYC and superheroes.


What was on the tape?


What was on the cassette tape (that was in the envelope with the hair)? My guess is that it was a mix tape. Knowing these characters, it could have been prank phone calls, novelty music or something more subversive. ha


Tom Harrington, who wrote HEAVY DOODY, was also a Fantagraphics editor. I’ve drawn stories written by other Fantagraphics universe members as well, like Gary Groth, Kim Thompson, James Sturm, Helena Harvilicz and Michael Dowers, so if this keeps up on Boingboing, those stories will appear here as well. I won’t post every story though. Some suck, and some authors, like Henry Rollins, for example, would rather I not post them (“These things have their time and place”, he said.)


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