Creepy old Simon and Kirby comic: Nasty Little Man


This story and other horror-oriented Kirby stories were reprinted by DC in a 70s comic series called “Black Magic”, which may have been where you read it. This story in particular has stuck with me for a long time as well. It could easily have been an inspiriation for the Leprechaun series of movies in the 90s (per the fairly grisly Leprechaun revenge.) Still tame by EC standards of course, but from the style I’m guessing this story is from the early or mid 50s so maybe it was trying to lure some EC readers. This kind of horror is very different from Kirby’s “Googam Son of Goom” corny stuff, for sure.

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If you’ve read Spider Robinson, you know the one to fear is the clurichaun - the one that drinks all your booze!

To me it looks the same level of creepy as all the rest of Kirby’s art… I’ve never understood the popularity.

. . .and the moral of the story is “never trust the Irish.” The end.

I have been searching for a phrase to replace the overworn “what the fuck”, and I think “Hold it, boys! We’ve encountered a most unique situation here!” may be just what I am looking for.


Was the hair in the “buckoes” panel supposed to end up looking like antennae emerging from the leprechaun’s head, or was that just a happy accident?

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