Archive of Warren Publishing's Comics-Code-beating transgressive magazines


original Forrey Ackerman stories? Archie Goodwin edits and John Severin illustrated Blazin Combat? SQUEE!

Thanks for the link.

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Indeed SQUEE! I finally got myself an ereader just this week with my birthday funds this year and this will add even more stuff from to my shelf.

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Fantastic resource. Have been looking for something similar since the excellent cross-eyed cyclops blog ceased.

Thanks internet archive - this is how to preserve ephemera. No thanks - their single page pdf nagivation is a righteous pain in the rear.

Uber SQUEEEEEEEE!!! ZOMG!!! I used to have almost every issue of Famous Monsters and a craptastic number of Creepy and Eerie. The classic movie monster nostalgia contained within the pages of FMoF was one thing but Forrie’s magazine was also a fantastic resource for a budding young animator to learn how O’Brien and Harryhausen made their magic. I would study those things until my eyes bled.

My day is now completely LOST as I fall down the rabbit hole of my youth, thrust backward in time 40 years - without the benefit of accompanying youthful vigour nor full head of hair.


This is glorious stuff and it’s wonderful to see. I’m thoroughly enjoying digging into those old Famous Monsters.

I should add, though, that while reading online is neatly high res, most of the downloadable formats are not. Just look at the file sizes (or download and see for yourself).

If you want to download, skip the PDF or the other options listed on the left side of the page, click HTTPS to list all files and download the CBR.

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