A collection of gory and ghastly Creepy and Eerie magazines


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And not to be crass, but we (I work for the publisher!) have a series of Archival reprints of the Vampirella material from the same era:

I sure love the big hardcovers, but I prefer to buy paperbacks I can throw in a backpack and beat up a little.

Oh man. I discovered a big stash of Creepy and Eerie in an attic when I was about nine, and I didn’t sleep for about three years.


I wasn’t allowed to get the original Creepy or Eerie magazines when I was a kid - or Famous Monsters of Filmland or anything like that. I had to read my friends’ copies at their houses.

I made up for it as a teenager though. :japanese_ogre:

More stuff I want but can’t afford and have no space for anyway…


Cant help but notice that both he covers shown in the top pic are by Corben. His work in the Warren mags and in Heavy Metal always blew my mmd a little.

Come to think of it, I own a few of these hardback editions of older EC horror comics and also from flea markets and the like some originals of EC and Warren horror books. Somehow I find it more pleasurable to read these in the original pulpy magazine form like I did back then. Reading em in a nice expensively printed hardback edition just feels off. Still, if I had the money & space I’d be buying these like clockwork.

Oh, gawd yes.

I got a big box full of Creepy and Eerie back in the early Eighties at a thrift store and you can bet that all of them were read OVER AND OVER again until they fell apart.

One of these days, I’m gonna adapt Hard John Apple’s Nuclear Hit Parade as a screenplay. Just you wait.

Loved these mags back in the day. I’ve been on the fence about picking up the collections. But seeing that they preserved the old ads in the back as well! The old ads were some of my favorite parts!

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