Aurora Monster Scenes: The Most Controversial Toys of a Generation


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It looks (and sounds) like a serial killer training kit. They should have it in the dictionary beside “lurid”. ebay-THE VICTIM


I remember I used to see these in American import comics in the early 70s, and even at that tender age wondered what the hell was wrong with them. Or what they thought was wrong with me.


Was “paindulum” already taken?


The “Victim” and the torture set in general would have appalled me as a child, but I can’t imagine the lengths I would have gone to to get my hands on that tiny laboratory set with the vorpal rabbit.


Some additional pictures, including a full-page comic book ad, can be found here:

While the Frankenstein, Dracula, and Jekyl and Hyde kits are depicted as part of the “Monster Scenes” series. Aurora produced a broader range of monster kits, which included a Creature of the Black Lagoon, a Wolfman, and a Godzilla. I’m not sure whether those other kits were added after the more controversial elements of the “Monster Scenes” were dropped (I think they kept producing Vampirella, but dropped the Dr. Deadly, Victim, and various torture implement kits. They may have kept producing a stand-alone guillotine kit), or whether the monster kits were produced first and later reconceptualized into “Monster Scenes”.


Polar Lights got a hold of the molds awhile ago and was making new kits with them. I have a Godzilla one.
Someone else is doing them now though I think.


Nothing here is worse than what kids were already doing with their Barbies and G.I. Joes. ---- If concerned parents wanted something to worry about, they should have taken a look at the Lawn Darts on the next aisle.

I had at least a few of the monster ones, and I -think- the pendulum one. I had a ton of the prehistoric ones though, which were my favorites–what was cool is they came with their own little scene to stand on complete with prehistoric flora and they fit together like a puzzle, allowing you to build this huge interlocking dinosaur landscape on the dining room table. God I loved those things.


And its amazing how the whole SM scene exploded into public roughly 10 years later.

Just sayin…


I remember when the “monster” scene models were in shops. Dracula, Frankenstein, etcetera. None of these mad scientist/S&M things look familiar.

I bought one that might have been called “The Forgotten Prisoner.” A dungeon wall with a glow-in-the-dark skeleton in shackles.

A friend sent me a Doctor Zaius (“Planet of the Apes”) model. Haven’t even opened it up yet.


“Don’t worry, this is New York. No one will help her…”



I recall that my friend had the glow in the dark monster series – he had to cover them every night because his older brother was afraid of them…


For Dr. Deadly to be paying NYC rent on his lab, there must be more money in torture experiments than I’d thought. Or maybe his rejuvenation experiments have been successful, and the rent’s controlled from when he first leased the space in 1929.


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