Perpetual motion device unveiled at CES


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Am I mad? I swear that thing looked just loke a foosball table at first, or maybe one of those vibrating hockey games.


SHHHHH! You’re going to give away their TRADE SECRETS!


Mad with envy, I’d say. He had me at “negative time domain.”
Did he screw a drawer handle on top of an old computer he got out of his mom’s basement? Because only a pure and straightforward DOS prorgam can bend those numbers without useless distractions like color or unswept mines.


Can’t watch past One Direction there smirking “can you use small words?” at him. You want to ask him how it’s supposed to work, you ask him how it’s supposed to work and then listen. We didn’t need a video to just say lolcrank.

Best pickup line ever:
“Would you like to come to my hotel room to see my perpetual motion machine?”


Hard to tell if the genius is a prankster, a nut, or a scammer.

A scammer needs to have big brass balls to go to a high profile event and tell this crap, but he doesn’t seem to be laughing uncontrollably.

I think there was an Upright Citizens Brigade skit like that about a Time Machine:

(Can’t find a video of it, though. I recall it being hilarious.)

You try talking to AuroraTek and not smirking. It’s like trying to read The Eye of Argon aloud.

AuroraTek doesn’t use small words because they rely on the obfuscatory power of semantic bedazzlement.


Hey, they have products that are shipping soon on their website. Very impressive, and unusual for a company like this.

Looks pretty legit:


further reading:

their “research” site, lol:


Whether or not the jargon is a smokescreen is irrelevant. Not interested in meanness posing as an interview.

Also, Kyle there reminded me greatly of Eric from the educational kids’ science show DragonflyTV, and it disturbed me greatly that such good had turned into douche.

I kind of agree. He doesn’t need to project the obvious response to this sort of thing. The interviewer should be playing it as straight as possible. He just put the interviewee on guard.

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Oh, thank you. The splash page for is just awesome. Vice President Aurora Light has an actual Aurora aura.

Normally, I’d agree about his lack of professionalism; everyone should be able to have their ideas heard. But perpetual motion is an age-old scam that no one takes seriously. It’s so far out of the realm of legitimate science and into “oh, c’mon” territory that you have to wonder about the intelligence of the latest huckster who actually believes that he has a new angle.

At least the Steorn guys put in enough effort to come off as professional; even the stock images on their website were purchased legitimately, and not just cut and pasted from a “free stuff” catalog. If I’m going to see a dog and pony show, I want to be entertained. If the curtain goes up and all I see is a can of refried beans and a three-legged raccoon duct taped to a rusty tricycle, then I’m gonna call them on it. He could at least meet us half way.


I’d love to see into the minds of people like this. Are they delusional, dishonest or both?

While part of me knows there are no free lunches, thermodynamically speaking, part of me is reminded of Harry Turtledove’s “The Road Not Taken”. What if we all missed something obvious early on?

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If you found yourself wondering if with a name like, “Aurora Light” that she’d make a great guest on Coast to Coast AM, you’d be right:


Call them undeniably awesome, I hope!

Well, assuming the raccoon is not being harmed, I guess. And it would be even better if the raccoon was singing the Royal Canadian Air Force theme, of course.

Great Belenos, that’s even better! I have never heard of C2CAM before but now I am anxious to hear about Ms. Light’s “encounters with benevolent human appearing extraterrestrials, her life saved by Divine Intervention and other unique life changing super-natural encounters”.



I’ve been waiting for the return of vaudeville for so long…


I’m not saying he should have been respectful to the schizophrenic I’m saying he should have been honest about filming him for future ridicule. Don’t pretend to engage the guy about positive and negative energy. Or whatever it was, since I couldn’t stomach Smirky poking fun at the crazy person.


If he were legitimately mentally incapacitated, I’d be with you, no argument; but I’m pretty sure that he’s just a clumsy dumb guy who didn’t do his homework. :wink: