Gallery of awful tech garbage at CES


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I do want the robotic laser equipped mosquito killer.


So is this why you haven’t opened the safe yet?


But will that underwear save me from the coming nuclear apocalypse?


This one looks both fun and practical.


Also, multi lane lidar.

Priorities, yo.


The award goes to “fuel up anytime, anywhere”

Jesus Christ!


I don’t care anymore. Biometric drone. Whatever. Sure

Its a biomimetic drone. I looked it up. Its just a remeote controlled airplane which moves and (sort of) looks like a bird. But you can’t eat it.


you have to start somewhere…


Apparently if you buy this hat your tits become solar concentrators.


All I wanted was a GTX 1080 ti. Was that too much to ask?

Apparently so.


Wasted real estate. They need to make a solar cell bikini top, too.


It could be solar and kinetic.


Cant let those Baywatch-style running sequences go to waste. And just think of all the motorboating.

Also, one of my favorites:

Smart...grill cleaner. #CES2017

— Internet of Shit (@internetofshit) January 7, 2017



I think that laser tank being called shit is why Trump won.

Good lord, there is even a grill cleaning roomba? It’s like you guys don’t buy steak at Sharper Image.


I see that they didn’t make fun of the one thing that I saw where I said "I’d buy that” (which prompted an atomic eye roll from the wife) – the Battery Belt. A leather belt with a bank of embedded batteries.
When the wife queried “why would you want that ugly thing”, I uttered “I’m Batman” – it took several minutes before her eyes finally returned front and center.
(Sorry, no pic)


A wise man (George Carlin) once said, “Nail together two things that have never been nailed together before, and some schmuck will buy it.”

Edit: with ==> will.


I got a pair of these for Christmas and they are great.

I mostly listen to podcasts and it works well. If you are a true audiophile with your music, then you need something different.


The idea goes back decades. Anyone else remember the Bone Fone in the late 1970s?