Gallery of awful tech garbage at CES


What’s the opposite of singularity?




Visitors to CES have been having fun with tech garbage for a long time.

I remember reading a short column in CREATIVE COMPUTING in the early 80s, listing the worst items that David Ahl had run across. The one I recall with a small box you’d stick in your kid’s diaper. It pinged an alarm when the tot peed.


[quote=“KXKVI, post:18, topic:92493, full:true”]A wise man (George Carlin) once said, “Nail together two things that have never been nailed together before, and some schmuck with buy it.”[/quote]Better get right on combining that Smart Underwear with October’s big trend.


All those “smart”/“connected” gadgets are like parodies of “smart”/“connected” gadgets. Smart soap dispensers! Smart tampons! Smart shoelaces! Smart cock-ring! They’re not any more absurd than the real products. (And at least one is a real product.)
The nice thing about the wi-fi blocking pants is you could presumably actually test them at CES by wrapping your phone in them and getting to instantly discover they don’t work worth a fuck. That or a conspicuous lack of example shorts would alert you to the fact that they didn’t trust any ad hoc tests that might happen.
The mosquito killing robot is, of course, awesome. Even if it doesn’t work.


Heheh, bone conduction.


Well, that’s saved me money - I don’t have tits. Well, not like that anyway. So I guess it wouldn’t work for me.


You mean like combining the solar hat with a Trump hat?
Oh god, I could make millions…
DIBSS! This is my idea!


“Just glue some computer chips on it an call it smart crap”.


But you can’t eat it.

Tastes like chicken?


Pump up the Dubstep!


A solar powered version might be very useful in some parts of the world if it could be made effective enough. Sleeping under DDT-impregnated mesh isn’t an optimal solution.


Yeah, that struck me as odd too. I was using a bone conduction earpiece ten years ago, worked great. The sound isn’t ‘audiophile’ but it prevents wind noise. I guess “bone conduction” is a scary term if you’ve never tried one.


Bless you @beschizza


Protecting your privates does not seem the Spartan way.


I should have gone


I wanted one of those so much when I was eight!


I could totally see something like that being useful, as long as it has variety. Get your set of 1.5Vs, some 3Vs, your standard 5V for phone charging…Make the belt buckle a single point to charge the whole thing up.


Hey! my hat is up here.


Everything’s a remix.