Judge not CES


The most amazing thing about CES is the demographics in the photograph. Let’s play “find someone who isn’t a white male…”


I will start caring about CES again when they get rid of the booth babes.


Am I at least allowed to judge ‘smart fridges’, with the wrath of an old testament god?

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Will your wrath also include smart BBQ grills?

Grills that support useful features like ‘allowing me to monitor the temperature from a distance even if the mosquitoes are biting outside or I’d rather play Skyrim during a slow-cooking operation’ are acceptable in my sight.

Things with grease-damageable touchscreens, or pointless internet connections to allow hackers to feast on their tender, incompetent, firmware, shall burn forever in a fire hotter than any they ever contained while in life.


ProbablyMatHonan dances around two related ideas but doesn’t connect them

No wonder; it’s been a long time since we saw a really incredible, all-new consumer device like the iPhone.


That week-long grind can inspire a world-weariness, all the more so because there is so much straight-up bullshit at CES. Skepticism is a must, otherwise you just end up with bloodless endorsements of everything.

For a time, Apple didn’t just hype how cool their new products were, they delivered on a good deal of that hype. And I think that’s why, for a time, people looked forward to Apple events whereas they dreaded the approaching hawking and overselling that is the contemporary CES.


Only if it’s a Frost God

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Time to bring CES back to Chi town


You don’t care about CES, though, right? You just want to hear about the good stuff.

Correct. But I think that may just be my age. I used to want to be able to feel the industry and know the state of the products. Now I just want someone to hand me a (very) short list of the stand-out items, one of which I might even buy within the year.

Which is another difference that comes with age. Before trade show coverage was about unrequited longing. Now it’s about potentially owning.


What about my idea? a fridge with a barcode scanner and info input so you know how long something has been in there and when you should eat it

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