CES rescinds own award from sex toy because sex toys are obscene


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Its being tumblrized.

It’s like Erlichman’s explanation of the drug war. They can’t quite make being a liberal illegal, but especially in privately owned venues they can ban anything liberals might approve of.




The double standard sucks.

On the plus side, the publicity Osé will get for having the reward rescinded will completely eclipse any benefit they would have seen from the “CES Award Winner” tag they would have been able to stick on their packaging.


The new head of CES?



When I was a kid, it was the Consumer Electronics Show, and when home computers came along, obviously they fit in.


It gives me the yuckies.


Could they put “CES Award Winner and Then They Snatched it Back”?


Hand-wringing milquetoast yuppieism strikes again. Don’t worry, I’m sure no one reading or complaining about it here has ever unwittingly been part of a larger trend.


Do they even make yuppies anymore? also what does wittingly or unwittingly being part of a trend (large or small) have to do with being worried about puritanical old white men excluding marginalized folks?





“Snatched” might not be the best word to use for this particular product.


Just because they don’t dress the same, and keep more flexible hours, doesn’t mean they aren’t still running around. I leave it to others to update the name.


Sex dolls = for men = good
vibrators = for women = baaaaaadddddd


Hipsters? Are they hipsters now? The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt suggested it was hipsters… the urban vanguard of gentrification…



I’m so allergic to the word now I forget it exists and my brain pareidolias in substitutes.


I feel like hipsters get a bad rap. Creative? cares about “artisan” whatever (even if it’s not something I care about) are these qualities bad? Ironically getting a mullet hair cut and/or drinking PBR? inherently bad yes. I guess it’s a coin toss.


It’s less about the hipsters themselves and more about gentrification.


I’m probably missing how this detached talking head is called a sex robot.