CES rescinds own award from sex toy because sex toys are obscene


Wait, wasn’t the CES basically subsidized by porn? https://youtu.be/z2OQXQYQaZ8?t=2697


Stop infantalizing the devices by calling them “toys.” They are tools.


I’m giving you a like for verbing pareidolia.


There’s nothing infantile about toys.


By many metrics, gentrification tends to make things better for the local residents who already lived there. The link you posted seems to be more of an indictment of institutionalised police racism then gentrification.


If sex is “work” for you then I pity your partners.




But VR pr0n in the exhibit hall and sex dolls for men are just fine.
No sexist double standard there at all. Nope. Not a bit.
Farking boy’s club.


If by better, you mean whiter and richer, sure. Personally, I don’t find that necessarily better.

One comes from the other, where new, generally speaking white, middle class residents, constantly act against their poorer neighbors, who are often people of color. Gentrification leads to whiter neighborhoods. This is not in dispute, as it’s happened again and again in cities across the country. Calling the cops of people who have been in a neighborhood for decades or their entire lives is not separate from gentrification, it’s part of it.

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Did you read the article?


I wonder if anyone complaining about Brooklyn’s current state would have even visited 30 years ago. Perhaps you don’t remember/ know, but it simply wasn’t safe or clean. I hate hipsters as much as the next guy, but you gotta take the good with the bad. Also, you look pretty hipstery and white to me. The reason BK was horrible was explicitly because it was poor and NEVER policed. I think a healthy mix of advantaged and dis-advantaged individuals is best in a community so that poorer folk can benefit from the stuff wealthier individuals bring with them. That’s exactly what is happening in BK. It’s not “gentrifications” fault that hipsters from flyover states are congesting and plaguing BK with their country ignorance. You could blame developers. I hate the high rises much more than I do the artisanal bakeries, but still I find that those who were born and raised in BK are generally ok with the improvements. I know many minority business owners who are very pleased and benifited greatly from the improvements. The only people complaining are the hipsters themselves.


Given that the meat of it is behind a paywall, I only read the snarky derision of the realities of racism in the first two paragraphs…

You can help a neighborhood improve without pushing out residents.

Nice insult there…


I DO actually know a self-defined hipster who DOES live in NYC, actually. Of course the problems are the developers and city managers who seek the benefit financially without ensuring that long time residents still are able to live where they are. It does not help when new people move into a neighborhood and call the cops on long time residents.

As for small business owners, given how many have been priced out of the market in gentrifying neighborhoods, I’m
sure not all of them are pleased with what’s happening.

My dude… I am not Lena Heady… I’m much more white, frumpy, and entirely unhip, trust me. I’m a college professor for god’s sake… few things scream “uncool” more than middle aged visiting lecturer.


Weird - I can see the whole article and I’m not logged in or anything. That notwithstanding, I would suggest that perhaps it is more complex with a little more nuance than you have been led to think.


People moving into a neighborhood, driving up the local costs of living, and then calling the cops on their neighbors is pretty straight forward.

Again, we can improve neighborhoods in urban areas without pushing out residents. But generally speaking, that’s not what happens in most cases. This is happening in the city I live in right now, with working class residents losing access to city services and affordable houses within the city limits in favor of higher end restaurants and high rise apartments. In town density is great, but not when the buildings have no affordable units - and often even when they do, they are not enough to accommodate all the residents being pushed out. None of this is speculation on my part, all of this has been shown to happen again and again. Unless city managers deal seriously with affordable housing, eventually ALL urban areas are going to be like San Fran, with no one being able to afford living there unless they have a 6 figure salary on the high end…


What the actual fuck, dude.

It seems like you’re telling Mindysan that’s she “too White” to have a valid opinion and ​simultaneously deigning to speak on behalf of people of color.



This is the error. The evidence shows that gentrification leads to fewer original residents moving away than otherwise would have done. Perhaps it’s not just hipsters that like living in gentrified areas. The argument why little displacement occurs (which is the evidence) is because prior to gentrification there is lots of slack in the housing market.


Class plays a big role in the post-segregation era - and NYC had much lower rates of displacement than other cities in the 70s and 80s, but I’d guess that had a lot to do with rent controlled units, which have been going away in more recent years [ETA] and which I believe are not as common in many other major cities.

So yes, it IS a problem, of both race and class, that needs to be addressed on the systemic level. Housing is a human right.


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