Vesper: pendant that's also a USB-charged sex-toy


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Quote: “It’s from Crave, who produced the world’s first crowdfunding vibrator in 2012.”

Shouldn’t that read “crowdfunded vibrator?” I mean, it would be great if more vibrators would participate in crowdfunding - that would create quite a buzz.


That´s either a huge pendant or a very small vibrator.

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First read that as “pedant.” Confusion now cleared up, no weird, battery-operated perverts here.

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Quoting verbatim:

Cosmopolitan: “It’s pretty bad-ass to wear evidence of taking charge of your own sexual pleasure. Walking around wearing a vibrator necklace is a great way to say ‘I’m here, I masturbate, and I’m proud of that’.”

Well, OK. I’m not sure exactly why that’s bad-ass, and I certainly don’t want to inhibit anyone. But rrrrreally, now.

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Anyone who wears one would be bravely sending an independent rather feminist message.

I would be pleasantly surprised if they get worn much outside of special events.

Alternatively, it sends the message: “I pleasure myself with the giant nail I’m wearing around my neck.” I’m not sure turning sex toys into jewelry makes any kind of statement, but to each his/her own.

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From the listing: “Just a few essential modes: low, medium, and high + pulsing - not too many, just enough.”

I wish every designer of things with modes would learn that. Five is right out.

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Check any Ferguson thread…

Those are loaded with trolls, sockpuppets and astroturfers, not perverts or pedants.


But where can we find the pedantic perverts? Someone who will find time to say, at the peak of passion, “Actually, this is irrumatio. If you want to get technical.”

That would be rather self-defeating unless it was a pair of pedantic perverts. :wink:


Dibs on the idea of putting a tube sock on a ball chain necklace and selling that on Etsy.

(From the article.)

Its clean, sleek aesthetics make for both a subtle addition to your outfit and a standalone statement piece.

That sucker is 3.8" long. There is nothing “subtle” about a nearly 4" long pendant.

TechCrunch is right. They said:

It looks like the pencil pendant worn by Joan on “Mad Men” or a small bolt (in a pinch, you can probably also use it to hold your IKEA furniture together).

Here’s what her pendant looked like:

This really is just a different take on the same style - you could always tell people “it’s a pen” if you’re shy - and since it could be interpreted as just more “functional jewelry” that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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I’d think the chain dangling between your legs would look a little silly. Plus possibly a safety hazard?


Or a safety measure…

It’s a clit vibe, not a insertable.

Is there a fleshlight version for the gentlemen?
Perhaps some sort of inflatable do-hickey that comes out of the end…


Didn’t presume I’d find a prurient pedant so promptly.



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