Lifehacker reviews The Womanizer - it will "give you one of the best orgasms of your life"


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Did you ever want to play questions?

Is there something you want to tell us? Or do you want to fix your quoting?


Does it have wifi? Remote control? Does it have the appropriate government backdoors into its operating system?


Can we see the teardown, please? The suction mechanism could be useful for something.


Where’s the Amazon affiliate link to buy one?
Asking for a friend, of course.


Placing the byline at the bottom of posts does cause a bit of consternation with a review of this nature when things don’t line up as you expect.

Assume nothing.


Suck and hum it’s my signature move.


there is a link to the company site in the lifehacker article and $189… yow… then again I am sure it will get well used by your friend.



why do women get all the good sex toys? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i’m fairly certain there would be a male market for something that sucks you to the best orgasm of your life!


It looks interesting. But the branding is awful. Womanizer? Ugh-feh. And the design/finishing is tacky. Still…


Yeah I cringed at the name and I am so not the target demographic for that item.


I think Japan has that market.


Like getting something un-stuck from your ear.


I think I got your solution right here



I talked to my wonderful friends at Babeland. They also cringe at the name which doesn’t have the same context to the Germans, but they highly HIGHLY endorse the product.


…call 606-4311, ask for “Ken.”


Sounds like it’s already useful for something.


A piece of bent wire does the same job. When in a tight spot, a through-hole resistor with long legs just off the tape will do the job too; bend last 3-4 mm to about 45-60 degree angle and voila, pretty good ear scritcher. Be careful, though.

Another option, safer, is a length of 0.5mm steel wire, bent in the middle to a narrow U and twisted together, then the end of the U bent again to form a spoon shape. The limitation here is that you need some at least semirigid wire which is not always on hand.